Destiny 2 in Beyond Light is bringing a series of changes to the game.  The popular game is introducing a handful of upgrades and new additions for players to enjoy.

Hand Cannons

There has been an increase in

  • 110 Rate of Fire Hand Cannons to 120,
  • Range of Adaptive and Precision hand cannons
  • 180 Rate of Fire Hand Cannons at present has 37% larger magazine
  • 150 Rate of Fire Hand Cannons are upgraded to 140

Additionally, the Lightweight Hand Cannons are eliminated, and the exotic Hand Cannon stands at 150

Sniper Rifles

The auto-aim feature of new low-zoom snipers has become ineffective, and high zoom snipers are upgraded.

Auto Rifles

The damage position of 600 Rate of Fire Auto Rifles or the Gnawing Hunger and Summoner became less effective and downgraded from 15.75 to 14.25.

Scout Rifles

There is a minor buff to aim assistance in the scout rifles for the gamers.

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Destiny 2 Update

Rocket Launchers

The reserves are upgraded by 1 or 2, depending on the inventory. There is no new addition to the damage buff feature.


The outlaw feature is upgraded from +50 to +70 on reload.


The inventory is upgraded from 36 to 55.


This feature is downgraded, and the splash damage feature has been reduced by 33% and combined with an impact damage reduction. This brings the overall damage down to 5%. The projectile velocity is reduced from 1.4 to 1.2, making users easy to dodge down, and the in-air accuracy is also reduced.

Falling Guillotine

The massive attack damage feature has been downgraded by 24% to make the swords more viable.

Ruinous Effigy

The aerial slam feature has been downgraded by 25%, and the drain effect is also “significantly” reduced on the enemy front.


This feature no longer multi-pierce shields, though it is still far better against shields. There is no downgrade to the Aim Assist feature.

Jade Rabbit

In this feature, Destiny fixed a bug that made the perk not trigger.

The majority of the game changes are reductions or minor buffs, which is nothing major of that sort. The only significant changes that it gets are the upgrades in hand cannons. Though there might be more changes on the way, these minor changes were not what users might have loved.