Having a well-versed vocabulary is a boon. A strong command of vocabulary helps us understand conversations better and also convey meaning effectively. Also, while giving a presentation, speech or meetings, the right words and a useful vocabulary would minimize the contextual grey areas. Here we’ve dug some really addictive vocabulary builder apps to help you improve your linguistic and writing skills.

Top-Rated Vocabulary Builder Apps

Improve your vocabulary with these easy to use vocabulary builder apps. A useful vocabulary enables a person to be more calculated about their speeches!


This vocabulary builder app teaches English grammar and vocabulary in the form of various detailed courses. The courses available in the app are designed based on the concepts of spaced learning, adaptive learning, fun infographics and games in the form of learning. Users need to subscribe to the preferred courses, and they would receive daily lessons through notifications. The frequency of the lesson notifications can be scheduled according to the pace of the learner. Learners can also earn knowledge credits through quizzes. The app focuses on English vocabulary building and English grammar.


Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus

The Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus have an extensive database of English words with 140,000+ entries and more than 1.4 million words and definitions. Instead of offering a standard dictionary approach with a word and its meaning, the vocabulary building app teaches with an innovative method of nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs as referenced attached to the word as well. The app focuses on English vocabulary building.


Merriam- Webster Dictionary

This is a fully comprehensive dictionary app with words, their meanings and usages. The best feature of this app is that the learner can use the app without an internet connection to access different terms. The app also provides pronunciations of each word. The app focuses on English vocabulary building.


Words with Friends

The Words with Friends app is a simple word-building game app to play with friends. The application helps learners to learn new words through play. The only way to win the game in this app is to find uncommon words that other players might miss. The app focuses on English vocabulary building.



7 Little Words

7 Little Words is a vocabulary game app that gives the learner seven definitions and titles along with a depth combination of two or three letters that players need to arrange into seven words. In addition, the app tests the vocabulary knowledge of the learner as well as spellings of thousands of words through puzzles and anagram riddles. The app focuses on English vocabulary building.


Penny Dell Crosswords

Playing a crossword puzzle on a mobile device is more attractive and appealing than doing one with a pencil or pen. There are no worries about wrong letters as it can be erased easily. Playing crosswords is also one of the innovative and efficient ways to increase vocabulary and learn. Penny Dell Crosswords teaches vocabulary precisely like that- by offering a free daily puzzle. However, users can also opt for other crossword app options, like the venerable and challenging New York Times crosswords on paying for a subscription.



This improve-your-vocabulary app is not only a good and handy pocket dictionary but also helps the learner to memorize words. The app gives the option of ‘Start learning this word’ where the learner can access and add that specific word in the ‘Words I’m Learning’ list. If there are no saved words, one can start building their vocabulary by selecting a pre-populated list from the app itself.


Improving vocabulary and learning new concepts can take time and effort, but efficient vocabulary apps make the entire process a fun and easy one. Have fun with these vocabulary builder apps, set your learning schedule and learn away!