As a kid, we were never scared of mice as Walt Disney made sure that they were put forward in the friendliest way possible. What began with a cute love story between two mice went on to become a pioneer in the world of animated entertainment. The Walt Disney Co. has earned a name for itself as one of the world’s best houses for the feature as well as animated films. This company hosts an annual incubator program every year, as a part of which it promotes new talent. The Disney Accelerator Program provides funding and other such support to the selected candidates.


Over the years, Disney has believed that through this initiative, it can pick out talent and they can join their team. This year as well Disney has similar plans and has picked out an interesting assortment of startups and experts that will join the company. Disney has selected eleven companies which will be eligible for the financial grant and any other help provided by the Mickey Mouse originator. Disney Accelerator has picked out companies creating online learning, artificial intelligence, spanning video games, eSports, robotics, location-based virtual reality, messaging commerce, as well as real-time entertainment. In all these eleven companies, Disney is making equity investments of an undisclosed amount. All such grants are solely in order to promote better technological development by the companies.

The highlight of this annual event by Disney is that anyone can invest money, but getting into the depth of technical know-how is what a true expert would do. This is because providing funds is not as important as making them more sound in the tech world. For this, experts in the field provide guidance to the companies participating in the event. The Disney Accelerator is a win-win situation for both the parties involved as Disney gets the latest and best talent whereas the companies get a platform and professional guidance. This initiative tends to focus on defining the future of media with the help of these companies along with improving the entertainment industry as well.