You can find many watches in the category of budget smart watches, but one brand makes one step further and it introduces a watch that has good features and a very competitive price. It is Dizo Watch 2 Sports. The watch has all of the functions that you will find in pricier options, but there are still some downsides like inconsistent battery life and some operative issues that make the watch an average solution. Let’s find out more in this Dizo Watch 2 review. 


When we take a look at the best smart watches, we can not escape the thought that they all look similar to the Apple watch. The brands want to mimic the watch design of the most popular brand, and this is visible in this Realme Dizo watch. You can find the minimally designed square dial, and there are differences between the Dizo Watch 2 and the sports version in the form of Dizo Watch 2 Sports. The watch dial is different and there are more edgy design details thanks to the flatter sides of the watch. 

Realme Dizo Watch

Durability and fitting 

This smart watch is 5ATM water-resistant and you can wear it during your swimming sessions. The watch dial has a plastic construction and the finish is very well-made. It weighs 41.5g and it fits very well on the wrist. Comfortable silicone straps allow you to wear the watch all day long without any discomfort. 

There is a traditional locking mechanism that is ideal for keeping your watch properly placed on your wrist, even during times of intense workouts. 


The display of this Dizo Watch 2 Sports is 1.69-inch big and it is an LCD panel with big bezels on all four sides. You can comfortably read the content, and all the notifications, health statistics, checking time features and other details are very visible. There is a brightness of 600 nits that allows visibility in all lighting conditions. 


The interface of this smart watch is very well designed and you can use it with simple taps and swipe gestures. With a few simple moves, you can access the features menu, open the quick settings panel, or open the widgets that show you heart rate measurements, sleep time, weather, and other details. 

If you decide to use the Dizo smartphone companion app, you will have access to some additional information. You can enable app-wise notifications, customize the heart rate monitor, or set the sedentary and drinking water reminders. There are also other features that are offered in the smartphone app, like additional sports modes and find my device options. 

One of the downsides of this watch is that there is no GPS tracking and you cannot use this feature when you are in need to know an important location. This problem could be solved with the OTA update that should add the GPS tracking solution as well as other features such as quick message replies and report sharing. 

Sports modes 

If you are a sports fan, you will find this watch extremely useful. There is a long list of sports modes that are included in this watch and you can select the sport that you want from the list. There is running, walking, cycling, yoga, football, and many more sports that will be a real challenge when you use your smart watch. 

When the sport is selected, the watch will start measuring your workout regime and the data will be presented in the app, so you can track your activity. 


Even though Dizo Watch 2 Sports is one of the best smart watches that you can find for under $33, there are still some downsides. The battery capacity is unstable and you can run out of juice if you use the watch too often. At the same time, the watch needs the OTA update in order to offer more features. In general, Dizo Watch 2 Sports is a good choice if you need a budget watch for a huge range of sports activities. You will find this watch very useful in many situations.