The first ever characterized drone will become a reality soon as the collaborative effort between DJI and Line Friends pushes towards its realization. DJI is the current leading maker of civilian drones and also in aerial imaging technology for personal and professional use. Remote controlled unmanned aerial vehicle enthusiasts and experts in flight control techniques and also camera stabilization are the founders and managers of DJI.

DJI is poised to have almost everyone with a passion for creation and innovation of great photo and videography to easily acquire and deploy, reliable and more accessible aerial photography equipment, filmmaking equipment and platforms.DJI’s products could be deployed in filmmaking, construction, inspection, emergency response, agriculture, conservation and many other industries, and so far, customers from over 100 countries globally acclaim and opt for DJI products. To keep up with the ever-rising global demand for its products, DJI has its operations spread across the continents of the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

On the other hand, Line Friend is a world acclaimed character brand which features 11 characters originally created and billed for use as stickers for leading mobile messenger platform Line, with over 200 million active users all over the world. Introduction of the new intellectual property (IP) like BT21 in addition to Usamaru and animation running man positions Line Friends further as a global creator.

Characterized Drone

Characterized Drone

Notable collaborations by Line Friends involving very popular brands like Lamy, Brompton, and Beats by Dre, showcases the synergy Line Friend engages in to be top notch, in line with its philosophy to maintain high-quality output at all times. With a 180 strength global store chain in 11 markets in total, after just having become an independent company in January of 2015, Line Friends has done well.

“DJI is excited to announce our character partnership with Line Friends, which shows DJI’s enthusiasm for making drones fun, accessible and relevant to more consumers,” said DJI Senior Communication Manager Monica Suk. “The DJI Spark earned its reputation as the smallest, yet powerful flying camera. It made flying a drone extremely easy, fun and more personalized. Similar to other things we carry in our bags, a drone is becoming a lifestyle accessory. This special edition we are launching with Line Friends will take this concept even further and make storytelling and share exciting, and a part of our everyday life”.

The DJI’s very easy to use, fun to fly mini camera, Spark drone features one of the most popular characters from Line Friend, known as Brown. The Line Friend (BROWN) featured l Spark drone pioneers as the first consumer drone controllable by its user via hand gestures alone, has the capability of lifting off from one’s palm and hover with obstacle sensing system to capture high-quality images with its 12-megapixel photo and 1080p video camera quality. Readily available for order at the four DJI Flagship Stores in North America, China, Hong Kong and Korea markets.