The Doge Twitter logo, which left the netizens go berserk and created an unending wave of memes along with trolls on all over the internet, has suddenly vanished in thin air. Elon Musk, who resorted to tweeting a meme, announcing the hilarious Twitter logo change, has sprung a surprise yet again — the Twitter Doge logo has disappeared as mysteriously as it came into being, a few days back. 

Right since the cartoon of the Shiba-Inu of the [in]famous Doge meme fame, appeared on the top-left corner of Twitter’s web browser, the new Twitter logo became the happy hunting ground for memers and trollers. But now with the sudden disappearance of the Doge Twitter logo, the Dogecoin, which reaped huge benefits from the ridiculous logo change of Twitter, has suffered a severe jolt. 

Let’s delve deeper with the story to explore everything in detail. 

The Curious Case of Doge Twitter Logo

Being marred by an array of controversies since his multi-billion Twitter takeover, Musk made an apparent publicity stunt, which later on turned out to be an ace marketing ploy, when he changed the iconic blue bird logo of Twitter and replaced it with the Doge logo. This left everyone at their wit’s end. People started making fun of it, in every possible form — memes, trolls and what not?

Twitter Doge Logo

The Twitter logo change, which itself became a grand meme, saw Dogecoin make an astronomical rise, as it grew up by almost 30%. [Image Credit: Dogecoin]

But Musk’s plan was a grand success, as none couldn’t ignore it. Even some of the biggest brands in the world, who have an otherwise serious brand tone, ended up creating moment marketing ads on the Twitter logo change. Hence, without paying a single penny, Musk ended up securing the top spot for Twitter across social media platforms. 

On the other hand, Dogecoin, whose investors have filed a $258 million racketeering lawsuit against Musk, accusing him of using a pyramid scheme to promote Dogecoin illegally, made a chance profit. This Twitter logo change, which itself became a grand meme, saw Dogecoin make an astronomical rise, as it grew up by almost 30%. However, with Twitter reverting back to its iconic blue bird logo, the Dogecoin has fallen by almost 9% within a single trading day. 

For the uninitiated, Elon Musk has been a staunch supporter of Dogecoin, which came in the first place as a joke, back in 2013. Later on, Musk accepted this cryptocurrency as payment for merchandise at Tesla Inc. 

For your information, Dogecoin has a total market capitalization of $13.7 billion and happens to be the world’s seventh biggest cryptocurrency, as listed by

Musk, the second-richest person on earth with a net worth of $180 billion, is currently under fire, for a host of reasons. He bought Twitter for a whopping $44 billion and after just a few months (overpowered by a sea of controversies that include mass layoffs, mass exodus and paid blue tick), the social media platform’s total valuation has dropped to just $20 billion. 

It goes without saying that the Doge Twitter logo has added another big blow to the brand’s reputation, being built over a period of more than sixteen years. We need to wait for sometime, when the meme spree settles down, to find out if Musk made some value addition to his biggest investment in recent times or it’s another jolt which fuels the idea that netizens should not take him too seriously. 

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