Gone are the days when music composers had to visit their music studios to record every beat and tune or convert lyrics into beautiful music. Thanks to the advancement in music technology, we have music making apps that facilitate to compose melodies on our fingertips.

But there lies a minor glitch here. The internet is full of tons of music making apps along with sub-categories such as DAWs, beat machines, effects processors, drummers and many more. Music creators need to decide upon which device they want to create music, albeit this is a quite simple step to take, it’s the important one. Next, music makers have to settle on budget limits because a few music making apps could as high as $20 and many of them are available for free!

Technowize has closed down on best music making apps for new composers on iOS as well as Android devices.

1) Music Making App: GarageBand

That’s a top of the mind music making app at present. And with its latest update, GarageBand for iOS provides free Artist Lessons that were earlier priced $4.99 each. Whether you have an instrument or not, this app lets you create music on the mobile from the moment you launch it. No matter where you are, just tap on the broad range of instruments like keyboard and guitar available in the app. And what’s more, recently Apple has added loads of new free instruments and loop packs to its Sound Library. The music composers can literally build a library of new tracks by combining Touch Instruments, audio recordings and loops and save them iCloud.

Apple GarageBand

GarageBand Screenshot. Source: Apple

2) Music Making App: Caustic 3

Single Cell Software presents one of the best Android music making apps, Caustic 3, competing directly with GarageBand. It primarily has hard-looking aesthetic appeal but it just the best music creation app based on rack-mount synthesizers/samplers rigs.

Caustic 3 provides a platform to create music from the select 12 synthesizer options including BassLine and BeatBox molded in up to 14 machines, all wrapped up in a rack-style interface. Each effect rack supports each machine loaded with 2 effects. The app also facilitates automation on most of the controls and includes powerful editors for altering saved automation curves.

The free version of Caustic 3 does not allow to save or export the digital audio composition, however, the app auto-saves the current in-progress tune between sessions on the user accessible storage. The music artists can extract all the benefits of the app by purchasing Caustic Unlock Key.

Caustic 3 is now available for both iOS and Android phones along with PC.

Music making app Caustic 3

Caustic 3 Render. Source: Caustic 3

3) Music Making App: iMaschine2

The music making apps make producing music fun like playing an online game. There are an array of options to compose tunes that can be parked for later reference or deleted at any time. Native Instruments (NI) developed iMaschine in 2011 and it’s still the hot-favorite music making app on the iOS platform.

NI refer to iMaschine as a “groove sketchpad” that allows producing music in sixteen-part patterns in a simple interface on the iOS device. Musicians can access a library owning300 MB of content offered by NI and create music in three steps namely, Step Mode, Arranger, and Smart Play keyboard. The Arranger function lets you structure the track by adding, moving, and deleting different patterns on the air.

Quite interestingly, the iMaschine UI takes the advantage of 3D Touch. It means the technology facilitates the music app to adjust the playing dynamics based on how hard the users press the pad. iMaschine 2 is available for $9.99 in the App Store.

Music making app iMaschism

iMaschism Screenshot. Source: iMaschism

4) Music Making App: Music Maker JAM

Appearing under Android’s Editor’s choice apps and with over a million download, Music Maker by JAM (Just Add Music) is one of the revolutionary music making apps. Also available on iOS and Windows 10, its community has created and uploaded about 4 million songs till now.

Music Maker JAM offers thousands of studio-quality loops, beats and samples to combine and create world-class beats and tracks. There are more than 300 Mix Packs including EDM, trap, hip-hop, house, rock, jazz, latin, techno, and more. One can even record Live with an ideal mixdown on the 8-channel mixer on the mobile app. The budding music inventors can share the tracks instantly with the worldwide audience via SoundCloud, Youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp and other social network sites and discover a fan following.

An easy beat maker app presents over ten free Mix Packs with over 2000 loops from the Music Maker JAM store.

5) Music Making App: Figure

The free iOS music creation app, Figure created by Propellerheads and now controlled by Allihoopa has established a cult of creating music on mobile. The digital musical tool provides a platform to record music in seconds followed by sharing, remixing and collaborating with music artists dwelling across the world.

Endowed with the App Store editor’s note as “Anyone can craft killer beats with this superbly designed music maker,” Figure allows to get inspired from uploaded musical notes, connect ideas and remix them with Drums, Bass and Lead Synth. The app users can then directly share the new music with huge Allihoopa community. One can browse, edit and load the composed music on the fly.

Music making app Figure

Figure Screenshot. Source: Allihoop

6) Music Making App: FL Studio Mobile3

Now it’s called a universal music making application available on Windows, Android, iOS and FL Studio plugin platforms and permits sharing across the devices.

Featuring advanced music making tools than Apple’s GarageBand, FL Studio Mobile3 lets the sound composers create, arrange, edit, remix and render entire songs. It uses high-quality synthesizers and samples and configures virtual piano-keyboard & drum pads. FL Studio Mobile 3includes effects ranging from Auto Ducker, Compressor, Limiter, and Graphic Equalizer to High-Pass/Low-Pass/Band-Pass/Formant (Vox) Filters, Phaser and Stereoizer. One can also add a new instrument to this digital audio workstation.

The music producers can save the file to WAV, MIDI and MP3 formats. All these technically advanced features in FL (Fruity Loops) Studio Mobile by Image-Line comes with a pricing of up to $15 along with several in-app purchases.

Music making apps FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile Screenshot. Source: FL Studio Mobile

7) Music Making App: G-Stomper Studio

G-Stomper Studio by Planet-H.com is an exhaustive music production toolkit. In fact, the groovy music making app sets up the stage even for doing an electronic Live performance in studio quality.

G-Stomper Studio is a package containing Step Sequencer, Sampler, Synthesizer, Keyboard, 24 Drum Pads, an Effect Rack, a Master Section, a Line Mixer and a Live Pattern/Song Arranger.

G stomper studio Music making apps

G Stomper Studio Screenshot. Source: Planet-H.com

In addition to that, it features 47 effect types including 4 Compressor/Limiter types, 8 Resonant Filters, Gate, Bit Crusher, and Waveshaper. It supports MIDI file integration wherein the composers can export musical pieces to other DAW or MIDI Sequencer. Like all other music making apps, here too, the music creators can share the music via SoundCloud.com, mail, and others.

G-Stomper Studio works on Android platform only. It can be bought for $13 from Google Play, AmazonApp Store for Android and SlideME Market.