Ever-popular franchises in the history of video games such as Minecraft, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim V, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and GTA V, have one thing prevalent – Mods. While the vanilla version of the video games can be fun, knowing How To Download And Install Mods on Minecraft can unlock the unlimited potential of spicing up the play. 

Modding (short for modification) in video games is the process of allowing players or fans to alter one or more aspects of the game, such as how it behaves or looks. Modding helps game franchises to stay relevant for years after their release. 

Minecraft took the gaming universe by storm and attracted the interest of millions of video game lovers around the world. Minecraft players have made the game, a bestseller known for being quirky and addictive which is even more enjoyable under a multiplayer gameplay setup.  With the creativity of these million players, Minecraft has been home to countless mods on PC. 

From interesting items such as beds, invisibility potions, beacons or buckets or whole new dimensions, Minecraft is the embodiment of sandbox games and the range of items that a player can mine, has become extensively enthralling. Furthermore, mods can improve the sandbox nature by aiding in adding new elements such as ray tracing, animals, plants, textures and so on. The community has yielded to mods which have been increasing in its complexity with every update. 

If you are wondering how to get your hands on mods for all versions, such as iOS, Windows, Mac, and Xbox One, you have arrived at the right article to help you. With multiple launchers and different ways to get them, installing Mods is not the usual copy-and-paste. 

If you are looking for a way to switch things up in the normal version, here’s a feature to help you install mods for Minecraft on Windows, Mac, Consoles (Xbox One/PlayStation) Android and iOS.

Spice up your Overworld and learn how to add mods to Minecraft on almost every platform, with this step-by-step guide. 

How To Download And Install Minecraft Mods On Windows:

The most popular way to Download And Install Mods on Minecraft is through an application titled Forge. 

  • Navigate to the official website of Minecraft Forge. Download the recommended version.

Minecraft Forge

  • Save and Run the downloaded .jar file.
  • Click on OK to install Forge.
  • Return to your Minecraft launcher and check if Forge is available. 
  • Go to C: → Users → {Your username}.
  • Tap on AppData → Roaming → Minecraft. 
  • Create a folder named Mods and save all your downloaded mods in this folder. 
  • Go to CurseForge → Go to Minecraft → Download the Minecraft mods you like after checking their version.


  • Check the compatibility of the mods with your version of Minecraft. 
  • Activate your Forge account to run Minecraft.

Activate Forge account

  • Go to the Installations tab from the right menu.
  • Hover over your Forge installation and press Play to install the mods.

Play to install the modsDisclaimer: If incompatible, Minecraft Mods may disrupt the progress of your game. Ensure to back up your original world before adding mods to it.

[Tap on Edit in the bottom-left corner. Choose the Make Backup option to let the game transfer files.]

Download And Install Mods on Minecraft On Mac:

Here’s how you can Download And Install Mods on Minecraft on your Mac just as easily as the steps illustrated above for Windows. 

  1. Follow steps 1–4 as above. 
  2. Go to Library → Application Support → Minecraft.
  3. Create a new folder named Mods in this location directory.
  4. Continue all the steps from 8–12 as mentioned above. 

Please Note: Be aware of Dependency Mods – they require other mods to be installed to function smoothly. While often listed within the mod description, it can also be found under the Relations tab on top of the page. 

Adding Minecraft Mods on Xbox and PlayStation Consoles:

While ardent game lovers have been waiting for a long time to add mods to Minecraft on their Xbox One and PlayStation consoles, they are unfortunately unavailable but an alternative is. 

Players have access to add-ons which used to be free before, but ever since Minecraft players required a Microsoft account to interact with all versions of the game, the free add-ons were removed and accounts illegally playing with them were banned from the game by the tech giant.

So whilst mods don’t technically exist for Minecraft on Xbox One or PlayStation, these add-ons are paid but restricted in contrast to mods. 

  • Launch Minecraft on your Xbox or PlayStation. 
  • Select Marketplace from the main menu. 

Select Marketplace

  • Tap on the Pack of your choice. (Skin, Mash-Up, World or Texture Pack).
  • Purchase the add-on with Minecoins or a Credit Card.

How to Download And Install Mods on Minecraft on Android?

Similarly to consoles, one cannot directly add mods to Minecraft on mobile devices with Android or iOS. Just as the limitations on Xbox and PlayStation, third-party apps help in downloading and installing add-ons that can aid in customizing the game.

  • Visit the Google Play Store to install BlockLauncher. 
  • Based on your device, follow the installation instructions from the app. 
  • Go back to Google Play Store. Download Mods for Minecraft PE

Download Mods for Minecraft PE

  • Select the Search function to navigate through the mods to choose from. 
  • Click on Install after choosing the mod. It will automatically sync with the selected game.

Installing Minecraft Mods On iOS:

  • Go to the App Store. Search for Addons for Minecraft.
    Addons for Minecraft
  • Download the app.
  • Follow the instructions displayed to install the add-ons.

Modding Minecraft is simple and entirely worth the effort due to the value they add to the game. Here are a few common issues you may come across while trying to add mods to Minecraft on your devices. 

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Common Issues Modding Players May Face

Error 1: This server has mods that require FML/Forge to be installed on the client.

Solution: If a player attempts to join the server via the vanilla version by mistake, this error will appear. To confirm, check the Mods Tab from the main menu. 

Return to the launcher to ensure the loading of the Forge installation of the game. After the game loads correctly, join the server again. 

Error 2: Minecraft crash on startup

Solution: If any of the mod files contains an issue, Minecraft may often crash. Make sure to check if all mods and Forge are running beside the same game version and even verify for dependency mods. If the issue continues, investigate the error message and follow the information. Reboot the game after this for a smooth launch. 

Error 3: When joining the server, facing Mod Rejection error.

Solution: The server is running mods that are not installed on your client. Inspect if all the installed mods on the server exist in the game as well. Click on the Mods Tab from the main menu and reconfirm the working condition of the same. Restart the game after this.