All-time championing video game series in Japan, Dragon Quest is making its first VR entry later this month at Bandai Namco’s virtual reality home in Shinjuku, Tokyo – Mario Kart’s virtual reality main lounge.

Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii released the information in the trailer according to Verge. “It’s honestly like a dream,” He said. “I really felt like I was holding a sword and shield and walking through the world — I thought it was incredibly fun.” There was no gameplay footage at the trailer, but customers are expected play games on Vive headsets using shield controllers and tracked swords.

Last year, Dragon Quest sold over 2 million copies in Japan within just two days of its game release. The PlayStation 4 version sold almost a million copies, while the 3DS version recorded more than a million copies in sales, according to reports by Famitsu. Copies sold featured Dragon Quest XI Double Pack Hero’s Sword Box yet to be released (Sept 4) internationally as “Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age,” PlayStation 4 Dragon Quest: Loto Edition and Nintendo 2DS XL Dragon Quest: Liquid Metal Slime Edition.

Dragon Quest Japan VR

Last year, Dragon Quest sold over 2 million copies in Japan within just two days of its game release.

The Mario Kart’s virtual experience has been the biggest game show to entertain when it comes to augmented reality. People make all the journeys necessary to be available at Bandai Namco’s Shinjuku outlet where they pay almost $40, queue in for about an hour or more before laying hands on the fantasies, this is likely the same fate for gamers planning to be part of the excitement endure, with reservations proposed to begin later this month before the opening.

In Dragon Quest VR starting April 27, gamers will play roles of a warrior, Mage, or Priest, using a sword, staff or shield designed precisely for the game. The player will venture out into Dragon Quest world, beating levels before facing off against Zoma at the final stage.

Gamatsu reports that a random draw will be conducted on April 25 in an open event to select attendees that would be the first to experience Dragon Quest VR. However, information on other details and how to book a reservation would be released on the company’s website on April 20.

This same week, Dragon Quest’s publisher (Square Enix) released information about last year’s Dragon Quest Builder 2 after a spin-off featuring new additions, and also sharing first screenshots for the Switch RPG and PS4 platforms yet to be released. In the Dragon Quest Builder 2, gamers play the role of a builder required to construct various kinds of objects and buildings using materials gathered from the Dragon Quest world. Players now have options to make a choice of protagonist gender, assuming the role of famous builders.

Whereas the first Dragon Quest Builders assign players to rebuild Dragon Quest initial scenery, Alefgard, Builder 2 begins with the players washed ashore – a lonely island where nothing else lives. The final boss from Dragon Quest 2, Malroth will be playing an important role in the new story, according to Square Enix.