There was a time when tap water was safe enough to drink without undergoing any purification process. This is still the case in certain places of the world. Due to the increase in the number and nature of water-borne diseases, people prefer being cautious instead of suffering later on. Therefore, water purification systems have a booming market these days. Amidst such a scenario, Ecomo has come up with the world’s first bottle which tests and filters water.

The Ecomo bottle is a smart water quality analyzer. It not only monitors the quality of the water but also is equipped with an advanced filter to purify it on the go. It is a great device for people travelling or in dire need of water as they don’t need to carry water with them everywhere. Just fill the Ecomo with tap water and it’ll purify it in order to make it safe to drink.

World’s First Water Purification Bottle

This water purification bottle has a water quality tester built in. This tester helps in detecting the pollutants present in the water. The pollutants can vary in nature such as insecticides, pesticides, petroleum products, dissolved minerals, and also heavy metals like mercury and lead. In order to use this gadget, all one has to do is shake this bottle so that the water enters the tester present in it.

How does the Ecomo work

As this is a smart device, Ecomo comes with a complementary app which one needs to install on the smartphone. The tester system of the bottle is connected to the app via Bluetooth. The tester sends the results to the smartphone through this system. The user can refer to the temperature of the water and impurities present in it on the app. The app will rate the quality of water out of 10.

After this, Ecomo will purify the water by passing it through a three-layered filter. This filter looks like a net present inside the bottle. The first layer of the filter is made of activated charcoal. This removes impurities like pesticide, chlorine, petroleum, materials that might add a chemical smell or taste to the water. The second layer is made of an ion-exchange fibre to remove heavy metals. The third is a nanofiber membrane which catches bacteria and microscopic protozoa. Such constituents cause stomach cramps and nausea. After the purification of the water takes place, the rating on the app will change automatically.

Benefits of the Ecomo water purification bottle

Ecomo is an innovative yet user-friendly gadget. It is the ideal device for people travelling to places where clean water is unavailable. Also, it is a good replacement to the bottled water available in plastic containers. The constituents of plastic are harmful for the water. At the same time, people litter the places by disposing these bottles which can be avoided. Another major plus point is that the user will not have to spend money on bottled water. Instead, he can create his own purified water by simply shaking the bottle.

The Ecomo bottle is handy to carry everywhere and fits into various bottle carriers. One can purchase this device from the popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter at the price of $129.

Ecomo water purification bottle

Ecomo is the world’s first water purification bottle.