The eFootball 2023 Season 3 is out, finally! It goes without saying that the new version of the game was one of the most-waited things in the wishlist of the global gaming community. 

For the uninitiated, eFootball, erstwhile PES (Pro Evolution Soccer), is one of the many blockbuster hits from game giant Konami. It has been on the top for years, so far as mobile football gaming is concerned. Even today, apart from the professional eSports competitions, you would come across many amateur tournaments involving eFootball 2023. 

One may argue that there’s no dearth of options when it comes to football games that can be played on mobiles. From DLS (Dream League Soccer) to FIFA, the list goes long. But none can hardly match the craze around eFootball. Even FIFA, the smash-hit football game from EA (Electronic Arts) Sports, comes at a distant second, with others coming nowhere near. 

It’s true that in the middle, when PES was rechristened to eFootball along with a major revamp (from the running engine to the graphics, there was a major overhaul) years back, its popularity dwindled for a considerable amount of time. Gamers bashed Konami on the leading social media platforms and on the popular gaming community channels on Discord and Twitch. Konami reacted promptly and made some significant changes to restore parity. Very soon, people started to accept the eFootball 2022

Now let’s delve deeper with the story to find out what’s on offer so far as the eFootball 2023 Season 3 is concerned. Here we go!

eFootball 2023 Season 3 Update

Now you can choose from a wider range of clubs (97 Trial Match Clubs). [Image Credit: eFootball]

eFootball 2023 Season 3: Get, Set, Go!

‘Let’s make club football great again!’ – the all-new eFootball 2023 Season 3 arrives in style with this unsaid motto. It’s indeed a brilliant move on the part of Konami to strike a chord with gamers thanks to the new theme that plays around club football. 

This tendency of Konami to introduce themes that easily connect with the times, has made eFootball regain its top position in mobile football gaming. Back in November, when the 2022 FIFA World Cup unfurled in Qatar and went down to the wire, where arguably the greatest magician on earth Lionel Messi finally laid his hands on the coveted trophy, after missing out by a whisker in 2014, eFootball was ready with a special world cup football theme, where you could play with different national teams. The move paid off, as it ignited a renewed interest among gamers.

This time too, Konami has managed to hit the bull’s eye as the new theme ‘Back to the Clubs’ is being widely appreciated by gamers across the world. Now you can choose from a wider range of clubs (97 Trial Match Clubs). Also, to attract gamers and kindle the interest a lot of perks are up for grabs there. 

Under different categories like, ‘Season Highlight’, ‘Derby Day’ and ‘Club Selection’ – you can sign special player cards of highlight features to bolster your squad. You can take part and fight for glory in the prestigious European Club Championship with your favorite club. 

You would be excited to know that a bunch of special Manager Packs are also available in exchange of eFootball Coins, which include Johan Cryuff (91-92 season), Pep Guardiola (08-09 season) and Fabio Cannavaro (2018-19 season). Moreover, legends like ace Italian striker Filippo Inzaghi and rock-solid Argentine defender Martín Demichelis have been added to the eFootball Shop and can be signed in lieu of eFootball Points. 

In a nutshell, the brand-new eFootball 2023 Season 3 looks quite exciting, as the club football thrill takes the front seat. Explore the immersive over the top football gaming experience by simply having an update from the Google Play Store. Happy Gaming! 

Stay tuned! We will get back to you with more updates on games and other top stories from the world of tech. 

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