OLA S1 Air is the latest addition to the EV whirlwind that has gained more power in 2023. We all know, at least we have a vague idea that EV ‘is the new black.’ At present, the global EV market seems to be booming. How big is it? Let’s focus on the numbers. According to Statista, the revenue in the EV market is projected to reach US$457.60bn in 2023.

That alone sums up the enormous potential of the market, which tech players and businesses across the world are trying to tap in. See, this year the auto industry appears back on track. After two and a half years of paltry run, marred by the gruesome pandemic, it seems to be riding on hot wheels. The arrivals of a host of new, exciting cars have also helped its cause. 

And when we closely look at the auto market, globally, the EV segment clearly stands out. The market for EVs are growing exponentially as the demand is surging by leaps and bounds. With the frantic calls for opting to zero-emission vehicles by scientists and environmentalists across the planet, reaching an all-time high, more and more people are getting convinced and switching to the EV mode. 

There’s another major reason. It has been more than a year since the Russian invasion of Ukraine shook the world and forced us to rethink about definitions of stability and humanity in the 21st century, apart from pushing fuel prices to sky-high levels. 

To add to the woes, there are serious tensions about market volatility. Amidst a series of tech layoffs and crypto crashes, coupled with the news of large financial institutions like Silicon Valley Bank going bankrupt, people are forced to think about cost cutting. 

In such a scenario, EVs are getting embraced in large numbers, as they not only help one reduce the carbon footprint but also minimize the bills. And quite interestingly along with the four-wheelers (we have had a big EV market for four-wheelers for quite some time), bikes are also gaining popularity in the EV segment. And though we heard Tesla rolling out an EV bike and there was nothing less than a frenzy in the tech-world, it seems that it’s not going to happen anytime soon. Thus, the stage was set for someone to capitalize on and that’s how OLA bikes come on the EV scene. 

OLA, which is a well-known app cab service and battles it out with its close-rival Uber, has sprung a surprise by introducing an exciting range of some really cool electric bikes in the market. Under the brand name OLA Electric, Bangalore, India-based OLA has entered the global electric bikes market, which could just explode in the next few years. 

OLA Bikes

Don’t get surprised if OLA Electric turns out to be a major party-spoiler for the big brands out there on the EV arena, in the coming years, if not months. [Image Credit: OLA Electric]

Having made its debut during the third quarter of last year, OLA Electric has fetched more than decent sales and widespread reception. The only concern about its S1 Pro was its price (electric bikes being a relatively-new entity in the market and people were a bit skeptical about spending too much on them; in fact, they still are), which was perceived as a bit steep. 

But now, with the arrival of the all-new OLA S1 Air, the equations have just turned upside down, as it seems. For, the price of the latest offering from OLA Electric is quite reasonable and doesn’t even put any stretch mark on someone’s purse, forget burning. 

Then the obvious question pops up, how good is the OLA S1 Air? What does it offer? How much value does it bring to the table? Let’s have a ride with the cool new electric bike as we catch all the answers blowing in the wind. Here we go!!!

OLA S1 Air: A Feel Good Cool Breeze

EVs are bringing in a silent revolution not only in the auto industry but also across the globe, as an article published in World Electric Vehicle Journal by Katherine McKenzie reports that EVs will result in 99% less fossil fuel consumption and 93% less CO2 emissions, in less than 30 years. And EV four-wheelers might not be within the reach of everybody, OLA looks to ensure that its beautiful range of colorful electric bikes reach out to the masses, gradually. 

From such a stance, prices were slashed drastically and as one of OLA Electric’s campaign lines says itself, ‘Change. It’s in the air.’ The initial response of the OLA S1 Air has been quite promising. Firstly, the cool look and feel is attracting the eyeballs and secondly, the features are too good for such a pocket-friendly price-range. 

OLA Electric claims that the OLA S1 Airs are ‘Designed for effortless rides.’ Incidentally, they might remind you of MacBook Airs. OLA Electric has gone into the Apple route to name its products ‘Pro’ and ‘Air’, something which has seriously to do with their respective price and features. 

OLA Electric

Under the brand name OLA Electric, Bangalore, India-based OLA has entered the global electric bikes market, which could just explode in the next few years. [Image Credit: OLA Electric]

Let’s now have a look at the major highlights of the refreshingly new air — OLA S1 Air. Here we talk about its important salient features, as well as some important aspects. 

  • Smooth Design: The footboard is flat and OLA Electric calls it ‘flatboard.’ When it comes to the body color, it’s dual tone in nature. Most-importantly, you don’t need to worry a bit about carrying your belongings as it offers 34L boot space
  • Simplicity Is the USP: Simplicity has its own appeal, something that doesn’t get lost in translations. Thanks to the trio of Grab Handle, Fluidic Design and Sculpted Seat, the OLA S1 Air finds a strong ‘connect’ with almost anyone. 
  • Hassle-Free Rides: The OLA S1 Air weighs only 99kg, which contributes to a faster performance. Courtesy of a superior ride handling and a long travel twin suspension, you can just sit back and relax (not literally! :P).
  • Tech Savvy: You can tune in to your favorite music tracks as it comes with a 10W powerful high-fidelity speaker, allowing you to don your party hat. The OLA S1 Air has a 7-inch/17.78cm screen, which can also be customized, along with the widgets. Moreover, you can even personalize the way your scooter sounds! It offers you multiple profiles, allowing you to share the scooter safely and securely with friends and family. It has a 2.2GHZ 8-CORE processor, a 3GB RAM, Bluetooth facility, WiFi facility and also GPS
  • Vital Stats: Top Speed — 85 km/h, Battery Capacity — 2kWh/3kWh/4kWh, Peak Motor Power — 4.5kW, Certified Range (IDC) — 85km/125km/165km, Modes — Eco, Normal, Sports, Kerb Weight — 99kg/103kg/107kg, Boot Space — 34 L
  • Color Options: Porcelain White, Neo Mint, Coral Glam, Jet Black, Liquid Silver
  • Price: 4kWh — $1328.33, 3kWh — $1207.57, 2kWh — $1026.43

In a nutshell, the OLA S1 Air looks smart, cool and convenient. And all within a budget price, which makes it look like an absolute bargain, considering the array of exciting features it has on offer. Don’t get surprised if OLA Electric turns out to be a major party-spoiler for the big brands out there on the EV arena, in the coming years, if not months. 

We will keep a constant vigilance on how its beautiful story unfolds with the passage of time and get back to you with exclusive updates. Till then, stay tuned with us for more top-stories from the world of tech. 

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