Twitter (no, it’s X now!) is again in the headlines with leader Elon Musk being at the center of the limelight for violating laws at the social media platform’s headquarters. An unauthorized installation of a giant flashing “X” sign on the building that was formerly Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, has raised concerns and triggered an investigation by city authorities. 

This installation follows Elon Musk’s recent efforts to rebrand the social media platform, Twitter, to “X.” After acquiring Twitter for a staggering $44 billion last year, Musk replaced the iconic bird logo with an “X,” visible at the top of the desktop version of Twitter. 

Twitter’s bold move to rebrand itself as “X” has sparked discussions and divided opinions among users and experts alike. While some view it as a refreshing change that could revolutionize the platform, others are critical of the hurried implementation and lack of proper authorization.

Musk’s fascination with the letter “X” is well-known. Musk has previously co-founded as an online bank, which later transformed into PayPal. He also bought back the domain ‘’ from PayPal in 2017, expressing its sentimental value.

Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino expressed her vision for the platform’s rebranding in a series of posts, envisioning “X” as the future state of unlimited interactivity. 

Twitter’s Trouble With New Logo: Perpetual Abyss

Not just Twitter’s new sign installation but Twitter’s rebranding seems to have encountered roadblocks at every step of the way. 

Previously, Apple had rejected the monosyllable ‘X’ as a replacement for Twitter for its App Store, citing minimum character requirements. 

Also, Twitter’s hurried and inconsistent rebranding appeared to be causing issues in various other aspects, both legally and technically. 

The controversy surrounding Twitter’s latest logo has put Elon Musk under duress.  San Francisco has opened a complaint and launched an investigation into the unauthorized “X” sign, which has been installed atop the downtown building that once served as Twitter’s headquarters. 

twitter x logo

(Image Courtesy – Twitter @Elon Musk)

Patrick Hannan, the spokesperson for the Department of Building Inspection, emphasized the necessity of a permit for any replacement signage to maintain consistency with the building’s historic nature and to ensure proper attachment securely. The city officials clarified that altering letters or symbols on buildings or adding signs on top, require proper permits to comply with design and safety regulations.

The situation took another turn when San Francisco police intervened on Monday, preventing workers from removing the platform’s bird logo from the exterior of the building. Police cited safety concerns, stating that the sidewalk had not been properly closed off to protect pedestrians in case of any falling objects or parts of the sign.

Amidst the excitement and anticipation surrounding the rebranding, Twitter’s unauthorized “X” sign installation has landed the platform with the legal authorities. 

As the investigation progresses, Twitter’s legal team and city authorities will have to navigate the complex web of regulations and city ordinances to determine the appropriate course of action. The outcome of this investigation could have far-reaching consequences for Twitter’s rebranding efforts and set a precedent for other tech companies considering similar rebranding strategies.

On the technical front, Twitter’s rapid change of its app icon to “X”, triggered security alerts for Microsoft Edge users. Additionally, internet content filters in certain regions like Indonesia, mistakenly blocked access to the ‘’ website, assuming it was related to adult content – underscoring the challenges of implementing such a drastic rebranding.

The “X” rebranding undoubtedly marks a significant turning point for Twitter, as the platform seeks to redefine itself and cater to the evolving preferences of its global user base. However, the path ahead will require careful consideration, adherence to regulations, and a comprehensive strategy to ensure a successful and smooth transition to the enigmatic “X.”