While a plenty of smartwatches and wearables can appear pointless, there are actually a ton of exceptionally savvy wearable gadgets in the market that can help save lives. A new Indiegogo project, known as Embrace brings together years of experimentation into one thin, light and captivating device.

Lead by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professor Dr. Rosalind W. Picard, the Embrace team started chipping away on a new wearable gadget that measures emotions, including stress, way back in 2007. The primary cycle called iCalm, was proposed to measure stress levels, however, one of Picard’s team members discovered that it could also predict seizures. Since then, the team has began working on improving the sensors and wound up making a few massive therapeutic devices on the way which were used in research centers and hospitals. Presently, Empatica has another objective, of getting its sensors on the wrist of normal people as well as those who are experiencing seizures.

Smartwatch to Predict Seizures

Empatica collaborated with Pearl Studios, the brains behind the Misfit Shine wearable wellness tracker to make a thin and attractive smartwatch that everybody will need to wear. The resulting wrist worn device an iPod Shuffle affixed onto a wide strap. The Embrace has a nitty gritty mechanical configuration. There’s no touchscreen and no such complicated clasp, the wearer has to simply slap it on the wrist like one of those wristbands from the ’90s. The surface is made of brushed metal and the band comes in diverse shaded fabric and leather. It comes in different sizes, including one for children, a significant number of whom frequently experience the ill effects of severe seizures.

Embrace tracks the wearer’s electrodermal movement (EDA) through little amounts of moisture that are emitted from the skin. It measures the wearers’ flight or battle reaction to certain circumstances and subsequently analyzes their anxiety level. The EDA measurement can likewise be utilized to predict the approaching of a seizure, which helps medical experts and patients get ready for seizures or prevent them. Embrace can measure brain wave suppression, as well, which happens amid seizures when brain waves reach risky levels. Regularly, patients need to wear an EEG (electroencephalogram) gadget to track brain waves. Moreover, the smartwatch monitors temperature changes, and also embodies a gyroscope and accelerometers, which track your action levels.

Embrace sounds like an astounding restorative gadget that could help save seizure patients’ lives and a cool wearable that keeps tab on your fitness levels. Empatica is at present offering an exceptional promotion on Indiegogo, which permits you to purchase one for yourself and offers a free Embrace smartwatch to a seizure patient for simply $190 (£122).