If you wish to make the most of a Wear OS watch, there are plenty of applications out there that intend to increase your productivity or provide more functionality.

Top Wear OS Apps

Regardless of whether you prefer using your smartwatch to maintain track of your health goals, another method of tracking your notifications, or simply a fun way to know what time it is, there are possibly various apps to help you out with this.


There are various watch faces for Wear OS, and Facer does a wonderful job placing many of them into a single app. You’ll be able to see unique custom designs varying from fashion to contemporary and traditional to funny. Not to mention you can also create your own.


Spotify is considered one of the best audio streaming apps, and you can have access to your new and created playlists and manage the music all from your Wear OS watch. Also, you can add songs to your playlists and DJ your Spotify tunes without even touching your phone.

Google Fit

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Google Fit: Lets you manage fitness metrics properly

Google Fit has been making some great changes recently and has become a go-to for several Android users. So, connecting it all with your Wear OS smartwatch is a great advantage. For a Wear OS watch with a heart rate sensor, this app will help manage all of your fitness metrics in one place for obtaining your aims in a better way.

Our Groceries Shopping List

Make your groceries shopping easier and more comfortable with the help of this app. Being able to design categories of various store items to make the shopping trip more productive is enjoyable. With the combination of Google Assistant and Wear OS watch, your grocery shopping can be simplified.


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Strava: Great fitness app

Strava is one of the most popularly used fitness apps available, and apart from being an outstanding platform for keeping a track of your workouts, it also has a fabulous social perspective to it. Pairing all of these features with your Wear OS watch helps make the most of every exercise then when you are done with your hard work, share it with known Strava users.

Camera Remote

At times when you desire to click a photo, and there’s nobody around to help you out, Camera Remote has made the work easy for you. This app converts your watch into a viewfinder for your phone’s camera. This implies you can capture a photo or video from your Wear OS watch and never be left out of a photo again.


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AccuWeather: get the prevailing temperature and a RealFeel temperature in the app

You will love using AccuWeather on your phone as it does a fabulous job of being completely perfect. Of course, you still get the prevailing temperature and a RealFeel temperature in the app, but the MinuteCast feature is outstanding. It determines precipitation for the following 60 minutes, and delivering the alike info at a glance from your wrist is super convenient.

Google Keep

Possibilities are you’ve heard of Google Keep. This is Google’s very own note-taking app. And, it has complete support for your Wear OS smartwatch. Just install it on your watch, and access everything Google Keep has to provide. That way you can instantly pull up a grocery list on your watch when you’re out and about, making things a lot easier than carrying your phone while you’re shopping.

That was only one example, though, of course. If you install this app on your Wear OS smartwatch, you can also note down things very quickly by using your voice, or the included keyboard, though that would take more time to do, for sure. You can also tick off items as you purchase them, and so on. If you’re a Google Keep user and have a Wear OS smartwatch, installing this app is a great idea.

App in the Air

If you are flying and wish to be up-to-date even when offline, you can use App in the Air without even thinking twice. This is recognized as one of the best Wear OS apps that lets you monitor real-time flight status, airport tips, and in-airport navigation maps.

Our Verdict: There are several options out there when it comes to Wear OS watches, and it doesn’t matter if you own one of the best budget Android smartwatches or the most valuable, you still get access to top wear os apps on Google Play Store. Being capable to find an app for almost anything you could want on your Wear OS smartwatch is impressive, and there are various options available.