Life in the modern age seems almost impossible without the internet. On the go, it is quite an inconvenience to search for Wi-Fi enabled places. But connectivity is important especially for avid travelers. Keeping this in mind, GeeFi has come up with a device which is a complete solution for the problem of internet connectivity internationally. GeeFi is a pocket device which acts as a Wi-Fi router in over 100 countries. It provides high-speed 4G/LTE data and can be connected with up to ten devices. This is a compact device which caters to all the connectivity needs worldwide.

How beneficial is GeeFi?

The GeeFi device is beneficial for frequent travelers. This class of people keeps searching for Wi-Fi-enabled coffee shops due to the hassle of changing SIM cards. Even if one has mobile data on his SIM card, it is an expensive affair as the international roaming charges are going higher day-by-day. On the other hand, the GeeFi device provides unlimited data. Usually, when a company claims to provide unlimited data, there are additional charges on the pretext of various services. But that is not the case with GeeFi. It provides absolutely unlimited 4G/LTE data at a daily price of $9.99.

4G Wi-Fi With GeeFi Device

This compact device can fit in one’s pocket and does not require a power supply, unlike other Wi-Fi dongles. All one has to do is switch on the device when needed and enjoy high-speed internet in any part of the country. The scope for better connectivity will be possible due to the GeeFi device. It is pocket-friendly as well as efficient in its features. The daily cost of $9.99 will be applicable only on the days of usage. No payment of extra charges is necessary in case the device is not under use.

Not just a Wi-Fi router

Another advantage of the GeeFi device is that it is also useful as a portable charger. This device doubles up as a 5000maH power bank for any USB chargeable device. Hence it not only helps travelers to stay connected on the go but also enables their devices to be active whenever needed. One of the most user-friendly Wi-Fi routers available, this device can be connected to phones, tablets, and also laptops. Also on activation of the GeeFi device, it connects to the fastest internet network enabling high-speed without any SIM card. On the basis of this, the face of the internet might experience change due to such an efficient device. People can stay connected from various corners of the world and exchange useful data at a great speed.