An Epic Games database leak through the EpicDB platform revealed a list of titles that are expected to arrive on the platform but nothing has been revealed about when these games might be released. The upcoming games that were leaked are a mixed bag of some known names and some obscured codenames that are being decoded by gamers as we speak. Most gaming companies, including Epic Games, try to keep their future plans under wraps to give themselves time to plan out their timelines and build the hype around the games at their own pace, which is why leaks often deal a heavy blow to their own plans. Gamers, on the other hand, are always delighted to learn just about anything to do with upcoming titles.

The leak of upcoming games includes some sequels like Bioshock 4 and The Last of Us II that fans have been waiting for but that’s all we know. Unfortunately, the Epic Games database leak doesn’t actually say anything about which titles are confirmed, what progress has been made on these games, or even when they will be out. Still, fans have found some satisfaction in reading and decoding the titles. 

Upcoming games leaks

Image: Epic Games

Epic Games Database Leak Reveals Many Upcoming Game Titles

The leak of upcoming games includes a truckload of titles from publishers such as Bethesda, Rockstar, PlayStation, Sega, Microsoft, etc. EpicDB’s Epic Games database leak was first noticed by RestEra user MondoMega, whose post was brought to light by Wccftech. Epic Games reacted quickly to take down the entire EpicDB platform to prevent any more details from being leaked, but once something reaches the internet, there is always someone with screenshots. The company told IGN, “We released an update tonight so third-party tools can’t surface any new unpublished product titles from the Epic Games Store catalog.”

 The number of unannounced titles on Epic Games is exciting but they don’t give too many details away about the game itself. Each entry has a creation date and last modified date, but these don’t clue us into what the modifications could be either. The titles are all obscured behind codenames and gamers, especially those on Reddit, have put their sleuthing hats on to uncover what the codewords could refer to. An infamous NVIDIA GeForce Now leak back in September 2021 had revealed a long list of games, and back them, the titles hadn’t been disguised as efficiently. Many initially wrote the leaked details off as fake but soon enough, they received confirmation on many of the titles as they slowly began to debut on the market. 

Major publishers seem to have prepared for the game leaks and sheltered their titles behind codenames, which is likely why this leak is a little less substantial. One title that has carried from the previous leak to the present Epic Games database leak is the Final Fantasy IX remake. Fans were optimistic then and they still remain hopeful that the remake will be released anytime now. 

Fans hypothesize that the title “Momo” is a title for FFIXr, the linked listing for “Early-Purchase Bonus Tetra Master Starter Pack” and “Pre-Order Bonus Thief’s Knives,” sparking connections with in-game characters and minigames from the original. Square Enix hasn’t admitted that the game is in the works or that it could arrive anytime soon, but at least this gives us some evidence that things are moving forward with the game. Another codename “Skobeloff” has been linked to Final Fantasy 16.

Major publishers game leaks

Image: BioShock: The Collection – Launch Trailer

Some of the Upcoming Games That Were Leaked and Decoded

The Epic Games database leak is quite extensive and while the company isn’t about to tell us whether our assumptions about the game references are correct or not, it’s fun to guess at what major publishers are working on through the game leaks. The codename  “Parkside” has been linked to BioShock 4. The game was confirmed by 2K Games and assigned to Cloud Chambers Studios back in 2019, but ever since then, we’ve barely seen any rumors or leaks about the game. A job posting at the company hinted that they could be working on an open-world format game, but this remains a threadbare theory. 

The codename “Utah” supposedly refers to The Last of Us Part 2. While this game was launched back in 2020, we’ve been put on hold waiting for the PC version to see a release. Rumors suggest the game is already complete but the developers could wait for the launch to coincide with the next season of the TV show of the same name. If both make a debut this year we’d be ecstatic, but all signs point to them coming out in 2025. The codename “Carrack” has been linked to an Uncharted game but we have a feeling developer Naughty Dog will only reveal any details about this one when the PC version of The Last of Us 2 is out. 

Upcoming games leak

Image: The Last of Us Part II – Official Story Trailer

The “Osiris 2.0” codename has been linked to Doom: The Dark Ages, and for once, we already have confirmation that the game is coming in 2025, according to Microsoft’s Xbox showcase. The long list of Epic Games Publishings’ own game labels is undeciphered so far and could be a reference to entirely new, unannounced titles that we’ll only learn about in the next few years. Epic Games’ future plans for these titles remain a mystery.

One of the more obvious titles from the Epic Games database leak is a new Turok game by Saber Interactive. Now the company hasn’t said anything about this game so we don’t know if we might get a remake, a remaster, or an entirely new experience inspired by the original, but the leak has set off sparks of nostalgia among fans. Pair this with all the news that we’re getting a Jurassic Park: Survival game from the company and you’ll find that a huge number of us have turned into dinosaur-obsessed children once again. 

Major publishers may look at these game leaks with disappointment but it’s an exciting time for gamers who are always on the lookout for the next big experience.