The frantic search for Escape From Tarkov Tips doesn’t seem to dwindle a bit as we enter into 2023. Though one can only enjoy the Beta and the game isn’t available yet in any of the leading gaming platforms, it continues to remain one of the most important talking points of the global gaming community. From Discord, which became even more exciting after the Discord Xbox unison, to Twitch, it has catapulted endless posts, fiery debates and hot discussions infused with loads of adrenaline. 

Set in the fictional city of Tarkov, the game happens to be ‘a hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features and a story-driven walkthrough’. Things get murkier in the Norvinsk region of Tarkov, as you enter hell. The modus operandi remains managing to extract yourself safely along with the loot you get through raids or taking down an enemy player.

However, Escape From Tarkov might turn out to be an all hell let loose situation for you, especially if you are a newbie in the Tarkov universe. On the other hand, even if you are a seasoned gamer, this gem of a game developed and published by Battlestate Games, might appear as a tricky customer to you. 

Therefore, presenting you the finest Escape From Tarkov Tips, which will not only facilitate your quest for survival but also help you to get away with an enviable loot. Let’s go!

Escape From Tarkov Tricks

These Escape From Tarkov Tricks can be used to ensure that you get along the road to safe extraction, edging past your fierce rivals and bagging a hefty bounty. [Image Credit: Escape From Tarkov]

Escape From Tarkov Tips: Hit Right into the Bull’s Eye

The tagline of the immensely popular game Escape From Tarkov reads, ‘Get Ready for Escape’. But escaping from Tarkov safely with ticking all the necessary boxes right, doesn’t seem to be a walk in the park. But our Escape From Tarkov Tricks will help you form the best Escape From Tarkov strategy to enjoy an edge over others. Here we go!

Practice Makes You Perfect 

When we were young, our parents and teachers used to warn us – never ever try a new pen during exams. Similarly, don’t dare to try guns with which you are not familiar enough, straight in matches. It’s extremely risky business and a must no-no. Each gun responds differently after you pull the trigger. 

Hence, you need to try your guns before you are pitted against fierce rivals and that too under extreme conditions. Therefore, you can test the weapons you have in your kitty and develop a good sync with them by practicing with them in Offline Raids. This would be of great help. 

However, in case you couldn’t manage to try a weapon in Offline Raids, don’t mind to shell out a few magazines in practicing mock targets right in the game. You can find yourself in an abandoned building or closed factory and use it as a makeshift shooting range. 

Thank us later! It’s actually a brilliant trick and can save you from getting shot and drop dead while you fail to understand the nuances of your gun. For, during such gruesome encounters, you need to know your weapon so well that it might work as seamlessly as the extension of your body itself. 

Choose Wisely, Act Quickly; But Don’t Rush

This is another important piece of advice among all the ones on offer in this comprehensive Escape From Tarkov Guide. The choice of weapons becomes absolutely pivotal during such down to the wire battles. That’s why you have to select weapons very carefully in order to avoid yourself from being killed while you still have enough firepower in your artillery. 

In the city of Tarkov, while you battle it out with fierce opponents amidst the wave of Scavs (the AI controlled armed locals) and try to engineer the greatest possible raid, which can hand you a terrific loot, not running out of ammo is simply not enough. Instead, you need to choose weapons depending upon the specific area and nature of the battle.

For instance, if you are stuck in an abandoned hospital or factory that has already shut shop, and your opponent is a few meters away, having a sniper won’t help. Rather, you will get killed badly. In such situations, a pistol would be apt. Even an AK-47 or a shotgun too, might become handy. On the other hand, if you are fighting it out in the woods or in an open area that’s vast enough, a good sniper will be enough to go for the kill. 

Therefore, we can understand that the choice of weapons should be none but tailor-made to get the better of others in the hell of a game by Battlestate Games called Escape From Tarkov. Also, you need to act sharp when you are having a direct encounter or a not so direct one inside a building. But don’t respond hastily. Try to sense the situation and predict your opponent’s next move (much like a game of chess) and then go all guns blazing. 

Health Is Wealth 

Those who have played the iconic IGI or IGI 2, will remember that the classic game allowed players to level up the health level, when it dropped low after a gunshot or a gash of knife, by injecting some antidote (it still remains a mystery as it was never revealed in any of the editions of this smash-hit game) in the form of an injection. 

Here also, in the troublesome city of Tarkov, you need to keep a close tab of your health level. There are several ways to restore your health while the cloud of death looms large over the sky. For your information, in this battle royale, you will have 435 health points. The bar will start plunging down rapidly whenever you face an attack. Even wounds in your limbs can generate a quick fall of your health level. 

But you can stop it right away from plummeting down. You can use medkits, Surv12 surgical kit and a CMS kit to heal your body. Though the saying is a bit old, it’s still relevant enough – prevention is better than cure. Therefore, it’s recommended to have a strong guard – you can choose between the top-notch armors on offer, 4 IOVT, 5 BNTI Korund-VM, and the 6 TV Wartech. 

Play As a Scav

In order to have an essence of the bloodbath that spills out on the streets of Tarkov, you can be among the Scavs. We have mentioned earlier that the Scavs are locals, who have become disgruntled for an array of obvious reasons and have taken arms. 

If you wish to be one of them, then they won’t cause you any harm. But we have to be very cautious as they are AI controlled and extremely violent. By any chance, if you decide or unknowingly attack any of them, they all will be after you. Therefore, play with caution. Not with your hearts out and mind taking a back seat.

The perks of using this one of the most fascinating of the Escape From Tarkov Tips, happens to be the quick ride through the city of Tarkov. You would be able to grasp how it works out there. But beware of the Scavs and stick to a no-nonsense gameplan. 

Don’t Get Surprised, Instead Surprise Others

Whenever you leave a door open in Escape From Tarkov, you leave a trail behind. The same applies to the dead body of the player whom you shot a while ago and collected loot. Some other player or a group of players might follow these dots, connect them fast and reach out to you. Hence, without even getting the chance to deal a stern dogfight, you might end up dropping dead with stashes of weapons and ammos in your inventory. 

Therefore, approach it the other way round. You can deliberately leave a door open and take a safe position. It would become a bait and whenever your opponent goes in predicting that you are inside, you can surprise them with striking from the back. 

Meanwhile, grenades will come more than handy at times, if they are being used tactfully. It carries the surprise element and gives you those precious seconds, where you can take down your enemy while they are yet to process the situation, forget any response. 

Escape From Tarkov Guide

In Escape From Tarkov grenades will come more than handy at times, if they are being used tactfully. It carries the surprise element and gives you those precious seconds, where you can take down your enemy while they are yet to process the situation, forget any response. [Image Credit: Escape From Tarkov]

Don’t Let Greed And Lust Engineer Your Downfall

If you have a tendency to collect whichever gun or equipment comes across, then kindly shun this habit. For, it would lead you to serious trouble. Things might turn quite dangerous and the consequences might become fatal. 

Firstly, if your gear is not insured (we will get back to you on insurance later on) then you are going to lose everything you have stashed. Secondly, each weapon or equipment will occupy a fair chunk of space in your inventory. And moreover, not every weapon or every equipment will become useful in the specific given locale of your match. 

Therefore, be responsible enough while responding to these otherwise apparently alluring in-game items and don’t jump the gun to pick up a gun. Weigh up everything before taking a call. 

Deal Smartly, For You Can’t Buy Loyalty

Some people say that out of all things in this mortal world, trust is the most expensive one. For, not everyone can afford it. The world of Escape From Tarkov is no exception. Here, you will find a host of dealers, with whom you can indulge in the trade of your different gears – be it weapons or equipment. 

As it happens in the real world as well, if you trade wisely, you will not be able to build up a strong network with your chosen dealer, but also get loyalty bonuses. For, loyalty is something that can’t be bought with money but through actions.

Hence, if you do business with a particular dealer on a regular basis, it will pay off and continue to give you dividends in the long run. Again, another bang on advice among these Escape From Tarkov Tricks

Space Management Is the Key

Again something which finds strong resemblance with the real world. It’s as important as your wise handling of time. A perfect blend of these two can win matches after matches for you in Escape From Tarkov

Check your own priority list, which you need to make after assessing the specific game locale and the current condition, and then see if the equipment or gun lying next to you, fits the bill. If you continue to act like this then there won’t be unnecessary stuff in your inventory. 

Moreover, there would be ample space in your inventory for the right gears that you will encounter during the course of a match. It would wipe out the fear of missing out on a crucial gear due to lack of space, during key moments of a match. 

It’s Always Better to Have an Insurance

One frequently observed characteristic feature of the gamers in Escape From Tarkov happens to be the constant fear of losing their respective gears. Though, it’s quite understandable that losing out your hard-earned in-game assets hurts. It really hurts. 

But it is what it is. You have to accept the fact that no matter what, when the character you are playing drops dead, you are going to lose them all. None of them will be carried forward in the next match. 

However, there’s a way to alter this harsh reality. You can go for the insurance option. There’s a window to insure your whole gear. Therefore, even if you die, you will get back your earned in-game assets after a certain time period. This should be an integral part of your Escape From Tarkov strategy.

Always Be on High Alert

Lastly, be on your toes, everytime. For, there’s no margin for error in Escape From Tarkov. Even if you leave a bit of open space,  you will be punished badly, if not ending up getting perished prematurely. 

Register in your head, that in this deadly city, there’s no room for complacency. The moment you drop your guard, you will be eliminated. Hence, don’t take risks, because you can’t afford to have any. So, be ready, with your finger on the trigger, with all your senses to the best of their capabilities. Especially, your sixth sense should be alert and sharp. 

This is probably the most important of all the Escape From Tarkov Tips listed here. 

Use all these Escape From Tarkov Tricks to ensure that you get along the road to safe extraction, edging past your fierce rivals and bagging a hefty bounty. For, otherwise escaping from Tarkov might seem like checking out from Hotel California. Meanwhile, try all these with the open Beta or pre-order the game at a massive 25% off.