We have come across an Eve Spectrum monitor that is made in a way to offer a gaming experience. There are many good sides to this monitor, and we reveal them in this Eve Spectrum monitor review. 


This is a 27-inch 4K 144Hz gaming monitor, and it has all the features to be a reliable and useful monitor. It has 1ms rated response time, and it uses an LG IPS panel. There is also support for variable refresh rates, which makes the monitor very accurate. 

The monitor offers up to 750 nits of brightness, and it has an “HDR600” rating. It has HDMI 2.1, and this is a standard feature in modern monitors. 

When it comes to design, we can notice that the Eve Spectrum 4K 144Hz is very elegant and well-made. The construction of the base and pillar is made of metal and there is also an attractive gray finish. The base is not too large, and the stand is thin, which adds some sort of elegance to the construction. 

Spectrum gaming experience

When it comes to the display, it does not have unnecessary gaming features, and there are no RGB LEDs. The bezels are slim and the whole display has a good design. 

The ports of the monitor include two HDMI 2.1 ports, one DisplayPort 1.4 with DSC, and a USB-C input. There are also several USB outputs that are included along with an audio jack. 

Display Performance 

This Spectrum gaming monitor is very interesting because it has some overdrive settings, which means that you can fine-tune the setting and elevate the user experience to the next level. The average response time is 9ms, and there is no overshoot. You can improve the performance if you use the higher mode. 

You can find the Normal mode, which is the most balanced mode when it comes to response times and overshoot. A small amount of overshoot is detected in this mode, and the average response time is 5ms, which is a typical response, according to Eve’s officials. This kind of overshoot and response time is very useful in gaming. 

There is a High mode with a faster response time than average LCD panels can achieve. The response time is better than in the Normal mode, but the overshoot is significantly higher, and this can lead to interruptions. There is also cumulative deviation that is worse than in the Normal mode, and this can be a large problem in the monitor’s display performance. 

Color Performance 

Eve monitors have overall good color performance, and we should discuss this subject more. The Spectrum gaming monitor is a typical wide monitor that uses an LG panel. The coverage is 97% DCI-P3, and this is very wide and well adjusted for work in the exact color space. The overall Rec. 2020 coverage is 71%, which is a very average result when compared to modern monitors. 

We found that the default factory calibration is very good, and the CCT curve is very balanced. Good deltaE results are achieved thanks to the gamma performance that is fair enough to produce good results. The panel is slightly oversaturated, and this means that you can compare the monitor with the average group of monitors in the market right now. 

Eve Spectrum is also quite average in ColorChecker performance, but this feature is good enough for grayscale performance, especially in its default mode. 


Eve Spectrum monitor release date was in 2021, and we already have the opportunity to buy it. The price is around $800, and you get a monitor and a stand in the package. The monitor has some great features, like color performance and response time, and you should definitely consider it as a good Spectrum gaming monitor that can meet the expectations of even the more demanding users.