Wazer has introduced a desktop water jet cutter which promises to make cutting easier and more affordable. Wazer has been trending on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter.com to raise funds. This is so that this piece of machinery becomes affordable to all classes of consumers. Wazer is a project by Nisan Lerea and Matthew Nowicki, UPenn graduates who spent the last 8 months working on it in Shenzhen, China. Popularly known as the desktop water jet cutter, it is a compatible device which is also easily portable.

Desktop Waterjet – Wazer Water Jet

It is the first of its kind and claims to be cheaper than any other water jet cutters. Traditional water jet cutters cost up to $100,000 whereas,the Wazer water jet cutter starts at an affordable price of $3,599 on Kickstarter.com.

wazer desktop waterjet cutter

Desktop Water Jet Cutter

In the industrial world, cutting a durable material is a very costly affair. Usually the cutting machines are so expensive that they are available only to big business houses. Moreover, they occupy a lot of space and require proper exhaustion. Due to such unhandy factors, upcoming entrepreneurs and artists are unable to afford a cutter. A water jet cutter seems ideal as it cuts the material with proper precision. In this machine, a focused stream of water is used to slice up the material.  It’s extremely effective and also relatively safer.

This is because earlier a fire cutter was considered most efficient. But with the advent of the water jet cutter, preferences have changed.

How does the Desktop Wazer Water Jet Cutter work?

The Wazer cutter is a large, rounded gray box with a transparent lid. Inside the box is a nozzle for water connected via a small vacuum-like tube. The water is mixed with a sand-like abrasive material called the garnet. The water is pressurized by a pump and garnet is added into the chamber right before the water is ejected out of the nozzle. A Wazer cutter does not consume as much power as a traditional water jet cutter. To start the cutting process, the user has to transfer the design file to the Wazer software and has to make a few configurations. The time taken for the cutting process varies on the thickness of the material.

Wazer water jet

Wazer water jet

Wazer competes with traditional water jet cutters

Competing with huge industrial water jet cutters, the Wazer water jet cutter claims to be more user-friendly and affordable than the rest. It is the first desktop water jet cutter which is a lot more portable and convenient. Being two feet deep and three feet wide, this cutter fits on a desk or a standard workbench. It is only desktop machine which cuts almost everything; be it steel, titanium, aluminium, glass, stone, tile, or carbon fibre. Not only this, its other uses include cutting soft materials. The cutter can be put to use for intricate designs gets a smooth surface finish.

As there is no heat involved in this process, there is lesser risk of damaging the given material. The desired design should be fed into the software of the cutter and the cutting will be done accordingly. It saves times and requires no ventilation with minimum space.

Desktop Waterjet Cutters

The Wazer cutter assures to make cutting more affordable and easier for the consumers. Especially for the upcoming business houses and artists who can’t afford industrial cutters, this is the best option for them. Despite it being affordable and easier to use, it does not compromise on the quality. The end result is as good as any industrial unit.