Statistics suggest that one out of every 90 people worldwide is suffering from correctable eye conditions. These conditions can be rectified by a pair of spectacles. But the unfortunate part is that a majority of these cases go undiagnosed which gradually worsens the condition of the individual. In order to deal with such problems of eye vision, the EyeQue personal vision tracker is a convenient way to test one’s eye health. Originally a Kickstarter campaign, this smartphone vision test helps the users test their eye vision with the help of an app accompanied by a simple tool.

This device is useful for in-home refraction measurements. This is similar to the corrective glasses method used for measurements at a doctor’s clinic. The difference is that this device is convenient to use, portable, and easy to carry. It is also way cheaper than visiting a doctor on a regular basis. Available at an early bird price of $18 on Kickstarter, one can use it as many times as he wants and saves on the consulting fees of his doctor.

EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker

Adding to this, all the vision records are stored in a secure manner in the cloud and can be accessed from the EyeQue dashboard. One can view these records at any time from any device and compare their vision history as well. After this, one can generate the vision reports and consult an eye doctor for an expert opinion.

How to use an EyeQue personal vision tracker

The EyeQue personal vision tracker comes with a small optical device and a personal vision tester application. This small optical device is a mini-scope which gives accurate results. The mini-scope has a smart design with a rounded tube, sophisticatedly manufactured lenses, and a highly engineered apparatus.

EyeQue Smartphone Vision Test

The EyeQue personal vision tracker is a convenient way to test eye health.

In order to test one’s eye vision, the individual has to attach the mini-scope to the smartphone. After doing so, he has to hold the smartphone along with the EyeQue device in front of the eyes. He must first relax his eyes and then launch the EyeQue app. On looking into the mini-scope, he should take the vision test which requires the user to align two different colored lines. He must tap on the given button to overlap these lines. This test is completed using touch screen controls. The individual’s vision is recorded with cylindrical, spherical, and axis figures. These are the same units which an eye doctor uses to test someone’s vision. The results are later useful to order optical glasses accordingly.

At the CES 2017, there is a special segment for Innovation Awards. The EyeQue personal vision tracker was awarded the best product design and engineering among the consumer technology products.