Social media giant Facebook introduced ‘vanish mode’ feature on Messenger and Instagram tools. With this feature, a user can send messages that disappear automatically once the receiver views them. The users can also turn on the feature by swiping up on their mobile devices on an existing chat. The users will be immediately notified when a receiver takes a screenshot while using the ‘vanish’ mode.

This new feature is also opt-in, which means that a person can choose whether to foray into the vanish mode with someone or not. Also, the model is available to only people one is connected with on Instagram and Messenger platforms.

Facebook Adds Disappearing Messages


“Now a user can send memes, GIFs, stickers, or even reactions to share what they think when you can’t exactly find the words to describe, or just be silly with the connections without revealing it in the chat history,” a Facebook official release read. “We designed the new vanish mode with extra safety and choice in mind, so that the users control the experience.

Only people a user is connected with can use the vanish mode with you in a chat. Vanish mode is also an opt-in feature, and so users can choose whether they wish to enter vanish mode and if someone captures a screenshot of the chat while on the vanish mode, the users will be immediately notified. And as always, they can block someone and report a conversation if it leads to insecurity or being unsafe,” it added.

The ‘vanish’ mode feature of Instagram and Messenger is entirely different from WhatsApp’s recently-released Disappearing messages. Whatsapp’s disappearing messages feature allows the receiver to read the messages for up to seven days and then take a screenshot of them without notifying them.

“As we release the new vanish mode, we also want to ensure people understand the working mechanism of the vanish feature. So, when the person first swipes up, they will see a screen that explains the key features of the model, including additional details on blocking and reporting,” the release read.