Facebook has launched a new feature called Secret Crush in its dating app which is available in only five countries for over 6 months now. With 14 new countries having joined the Facebook Dating service since April 30th, Facebook said it has included ‘Secret Crush’ to help users find friends secretly crushing on them. The Facebook dating app new feature lets users express interest in as many as nine friends who will be added to an ostensibly private list. You will get a notification saying someone likes you if the user is on Facebook Dating and likes you back.

The secret crush parades the basic online dating concept

Each user has the option to add up to nine persons to their “Secret Crush” list. After picking the friends you are secretly admiring, those persons will receive a notification that someone is crushing on them, without specifically saying who. The program, which lets them add their own secret crushes, will notify both of you if they show the same interest and will create a direct chat link on Messenger.

However, the two secret lovers must opt into Facebook Dating before the secret crush feature can work. In other words, Facebook users can blissfully live in ignorance of someone’s secret desire to be with them. Users have the ability to pick Facebook friends without a Dating profile into their secret crush list, the company said. This is definitely where Facebook got its business right. Most Facebook users not interested in the Dating service would want to give it a shot out of curiosity to know who is secretly admiring them.

Secret crush creates a link between Facebook and its Dating

Facebook Dating is entirely a different app from Facebook; your profile for Dating is not the same as your profile for Facebook. The company has now created Secret Crush feature as the very first link between the two different services. Let’s hope it won’t introduce even more. The idea is appealing in as much as Dating won’t concern you until you opt-in and also for the fact that you can secretly admire someone with no form of repercussions if the person fails to reciprocate. Shy persons or introverts will have room to clearly express themselves without fear of embarrassments.

For anyone that has played audience to massive trust issues following data breaches surrounding Facebook in the past months, the idea of playing around with private information at the corridors of the social media platform would be difficult to accept. Let alone creating a super-secret list of lovers.

Facebook New Feature ‘Secret Crush’

However, Facebook has made efforts to convince users it’s no longer a porous lounge for hackers but dents of the successive breaches will be difficult to wipe. And considering Facebook’s aggressive money-making policies that have seen many of its top talents walk away, most users would be skeptical about giving out their dating preferences in fear of not knowing who the company is partnering with for promotions.

Facebook Dating app, which is now in 19 countries, will be available in the US later this year.