Facebook, the Menlo Park stationed social networking behemoth has pulled out the latest feature from its giant cage, a yet another powerful beast, Universal Search, which allows its users to perform a search in a manner like Twitter and Google do through 2 trillion or more posts that come out every month. The feature will be available for Facebook users on Facebook Mobile App or Facebook Website’s search bar.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced this new update Universal Search in order to make search easier for Facebook users to find stuff, which fascinates them among the items archived by Facebook’s index that counts up to 2 trillion.

The latest features update Universal Search flaunts search suggestions that are personalized; the knack to search public posts by friends, family, and others; and provides a new medium, which allows users to go through public conversations about latest stories doing rounds around the world. This makes the update a very interesting feature by far, and it looks like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has given its nemesis Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Google CEO Sundar Pichai something to worry about.

Often there are times when rival Twitter bills itself as public conversation forum. This is true because, unless a Twitter user turns its account private, every tweet is indexed and it can be easily found by anyone using a Twitter search function, which makes its comparatively easier to search and take part in active conversations, especially when conversations are using defining mark of Twitter, Twitter Hashtags.

This definitely doesn’t mean that Twitter-savvy public will suddenly hop onto Facebook as a home for their terse, snappy or unctuous remarks about the headlines of the day, which is not an issue. As earlier Technowize reported that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has continuously been putting a great deal of efforts in establishing his company as a favorite social networking choice for over billions of people, which it has succeeded. Compared to Twitter, Facebook has a huge army of monthly active users and with apps like Messenger and Instagram it has hit the right target. Now, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has to make sure that users don’t start embracing other apps, which have been trying since long to fascinate them.

Still, this change is far-fetched to make Twitter a deserted civilization. Twitter users have their clans; they prize their counts of followers, and value their platform where they have been expressing their free will without any repercussion since a very long time. People choose to avoid real-time conversations on Facebook because of its real name protocol, which prohibits users from concealing their real identities. Sites like Reddit, Twitter, and Voat are famous because they do not have any such protocol, a user can name themselves according to their heart’s desire like @friesandketchups, @Hersheyskisses, @Spiritualpimp anything.

But, for now in a crisp and clear manner, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has effectively removed a reason, which might tempt users to decide for a Twitter account instead of remaining content through the services provided by Facebook. Facebook is weaving its magic everywhere, be it Snapchat clones, to standalone messaging apps, to improved search option, etc. Facebook is taking care of everything, in order to prevent its captive user bases from checking out other fascinating options.

This feature update might turn out as a bit weird for the users who joined the social media giant with the sole aim of maintaining a touch with their social circles. But, Facebook can simply not ignore what other popular sites like Twitter and Reddit are showing their users, which is people want to be a part of active conversations and share their views and ideas with captivating people they haven’t met, and discuss subjects that might not be appealing to the people in their routine lives.

Hence, Universal Search feature is a mission ‘kumbaya-esque’ to connect people with random people across the world that happen to share their fascinations as well.

Then again, it all ends at the same conclusion, which is Facebook does not have to win people’s heart and mind, as it is already ruling the hearts and minds of billions of people worldwide. The popularity of Facebook can be easily confirmed by the number of active user base. All it needs to do is keep a tight rein on its user base by always providing them with great contents and features so they do not wander anywhere else.

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