At the IFA tech show in Berlin today, XYZ Printing showcased an exciting lineup of products today, making waves around the event.

This includes a range of 3D Printers – the new da Vinci Junior and da Vinci Pro, affordable printers for beginner use. The Nobel 1.0, a semi-professional 3D printer for high-resolution prints.

The Taiwan-based company also showed off its new food printer, which when loaded with edible ammo can be programmed to create culinary masterpieces in under five minutes. The Food Printer can accumulate up to three tubes of printing products. They can be filled with chocolate, supplies to 3D print a pizza, or cookie dough mixture. To 3D Print a pizza, one has to fill up the tubes with pizza dough, tomato sauce, and cheese sauce, and voila! The 3D Food Printer has two dozen preset designs, although, food aficionados can add more via a USB port. Although, the 3D printed stuff isn’t edible, one has to bake it in the oven before it is eaten. The Food Printer will cost around $1,800 and is set to roll out in 2016.

Fancy a 3D Printed Pizza

XYZ Printing also unveiled a $199 handheld 3D scanner.

The U-shaped device connects to your PC via a USB connection. The handheld scanner captures 3D images as you wave it around objects and people. Once the computer has rendered the image, you can easily print it on one of the XYZ printers, or any other 3D printer that support OBJ and STL formats. You can simultaneously monitor the image on the computer.

At 198grams, the handheld 3D scanner weights as light as a feather. It uses Intel’s RealSense 3D imaging technology, which integrates infrared, color sensors and CCD to capture images at 30fps (frames per second) and up to 1 mm resolution. A higher version, the Structure Sensor 3D scanner promises sub-millimeter precision.

It takes a minute to scan an object and about 30 seconds for the software to render it. One can view it in full color as well as a monochrome version that approximates the output one can get from a single-color 3D printer.

XYZ also unveiled the XYZ 3D Pen, for 3D Printing enthusiasts who want to instantly create items (in ABS or PLA plastics) in the air.

The most exciting of all is the XYZ Personal Cloud, a private social network for XYZ users to securely share and store important data, images, videos, and music. The entry-level entertainment and education humanoid robots, the Smart Service Robot, with abilities such as auto-navigation, mapping and monitoring, IoT and surveillance.

The handheld 3D scanner is expected to release in December this year.