As reported earlier, Apple Inc. is building its own Apple Park which is going to feature huge panes of curved glass and other facilities. Apple proudly boasts that Apple Park will be the first corporate park with the world’s biggest natural ventilation system. This park has been envisioned by Steve Jobs, the founder of the Cupertino company. With Apple Inc.’s consistent progress, it is noteworthy that Apple releases new products almost every year; with updated technologies and systems. It seems like Apple is planning a new device this year; possibly for usage in the Apple Park.

Earlier in 2016, Apple reportedly filed a nondescript wireless device to be approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States. Apple requested the confidentiality of the document in its filing; for user manuals, pictures, and other technical information. Since then, this wireless device and its development has remained a mystery.

Information sources mentioned that this device is numbered A1844; which is not similar to any of the existing Apple products. Moreover, the electrical rating of this instrument is 5.5V to 13.2V. Test reports have revealed that this device consists of NFC and Bluetooth.

apple's mystery wireless device for apple park

Apple Park

Similarly, in January 2017, Apple had submitted another device for approval; which was again a wireless device. This device seems like an iteration of the filing submitted in 2016; with model number A1844. The instrument has almost the same design of A1844; but with a model number of A1846. Looks like Apple has updated its mysterious wireless device and submitted for regulatory approval again.

With the same aspects and technical information; Apple yet again submitted a model numbered A1845 to the FCC; in the previous month. This model number sits between the models of the first and second filing by the technology giant. All the three models submitted by the Cupertino company are non-correspondent to any of Apple’s existing products.

Apple has to submit all its devices which use communication technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC; to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States for approval. These filings are strictly confidential but sometimes hints start doing the rounds to get an idea of what Apple might be working upon.

As far as the mystery around this device is concerned; a report on Business Insider states that pictures of a user manual and the instrument of Apple’s mystery wireless device are released by the FCC. According to this latest insight; the enigmatic device seems to be an electronic door reader; likely to be developed for internal use.

 Notably, the user manual is not for Apple’s general customers and it reads two main points. One being that it has to present the credential provided by the company to the reader. Second being that the reader grants access by changing its color into green along with playing a sound. Typically, a red color and a second sound indicate declined access.

Apple’s Mystery Wireless Device could be for Apple Park

apple's mystery wireless device for apple park

Apple Park

Even though Apple has smart home products and its own HomeKit software for smart-locks and different products complementing the iPhone; it has never officially announced any plans to sell such products. While the last minute preparations are going on at the Apple Park campus; it is a possibility that this mystery wireless device is for Apple Inc.’s corporate use.

Apple Park is the next big thing for the technology company; dreamed by Steve Jobs. Famous for being the biggest eco-friendly corporate park; there are chances of leaks and hacks through outsourced systems used in the park. In such a situation, this mystery wireless device can be the safe option for Apple and its employees for corporate usage. If the assumptions are to be believed; Apple is manufacturing this mysterious electronic door device for the Apple Park at Cupertino.