After the introduction of 4-inch iPhone SE on March 21, everyone has turned their speculative gaze on the upcoming iPhone 7, which is anticipated to materialize later in 2016. Discussing the elements that will make the iPhone 7 worth buying, Apple CEO Tim Cook once said in an interview, “We are going to give you things that you can’t live without, that you just don’t know you need today.”

iPhone 7 worth buying

There are lots of speculations going on concerning features for iPhone 7. These include a waterproof design, removal of tried and tested 3.5mm headphone jack, and wireless charging. All in all, it’s going to be a great phone, so as a user, you can keep your insecurities related to this device at a bay.

Now, apart from this, there are several other features that should be added to make iPhone 7 worth buying as its predecessor terribly failed to click with public. Well, it shouldn’t surprise you that iPhone 6s drove less craze as compared to its predecessor. The 6s model offered improvements, such as 12MP camera along with features like 3D Touch Screen and Live Photo. Much to everyone’s surprise, these ended up as modest additions. The 12MP camera failed to make any difference, and other features like the 3D Touch and Live Photos didn’t hold that much of an appeal for users, which Apple was hoping for.

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Anticipated Features for iPhone 7


One can surely afford to buy a tough iPhone 7 case if they can buy iPhone 7, but what consumers need from Apple is a more durable iPhone model. Competitors like Samsung offer a tough shield from cracks and bumps on the phone’s body. An iPhone being a pricey device it is as compared to Samsung should offer a little more protection. The upcoming iPhone should be the one, which won’t worry the owner if it falls on the hard ground or a swimming pool.

Wireless Charging

Sure, there are rumors that Apple might introduce wireless charging from the next in line iPhone, but there is no official statement from the company yet. It’s a high time when Apple decides to introduce one. It really gets difficult to roam around with your charger when you need to charge your phone. The havoc arises when you have a charger, but no charging points to plug your charger in. The wireless charging pads similar to Samsung’s S7 can make things much easier, comfortable, and worth.

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Touch ID Enabled on Screen

Certainly, the screen is a decent place for a sensor, but it complicates the system of waterproofing for the iPhone. A screen fully enabled with Touch ID having proper waterproofing system would help to achieve a smoother navigation and offer a flexible design to the iPhone.

Availability of Siri Offline

Siri is really helpful when the internet data pack or Wi-Fi is on. But, what happens when due to some error you do not have an internet connection? It turns useless, yes? Siri is a bag of knowledge only when your phone is connected to the internet. Apple could use a better functionality by adding an offline feature in its upcoming iPhone.

So, these were our opinions for the features, which make iPhone 7 worth buying. Now it remains to be seen that between expectations and assumptions set by Mr. Cook, what the final product will be like. Or is it mere a trick, which Apple seems to be playing with its customers to keep them hooked and intrigued?