Staying happy is crucial; anxiety and depression not only ruins a moment but an entire day. The state of mind and good health are factors that determine the mood and productivity level n a regular day. If the mind is sulky and depressed, productivity is at the lowest. The person to remains disinterested in work and daily activities and an entire day is wasted. In such a case, feel-good apps come in handy. These applications focus on a variety of aspects of a person, be it a state of mind, handling depression and stress or improving the health. They not only guarantee momentary bliss but helps the person to evolve as a person and stay happy.


Some of the best feel-good applications include the following:

Stop, Breathe and Think

For people who suffer from stress, anxiety or mood swings, this application is a good-to-go tool. It is built to respond to the immediate feelings of the person. With five features to describe the mood of a person (choosing from categories like happiness, sadness, anger), the application suggests meditative sequences and activities which guides the person to a blissful and better mental space.


This app provides a regular 10-minute mindfulness sequence and teaches the user to meditate and calm the mind. The application, backed by advanced science and researched features, suggests a daily routine for the user. Headspace is a self-proclaimed ‘gym membership for the mind app.


This app is an ambient noise platform with advanced sound settings suitable for any environment. The app can be used in any situation, be it at work or outside or home. The sound settings enable the user to adjust the sounds accordingly. If a person wants to witness the sounds of a rainy day or the crackling sounds of a fire, all they need to do is tune in the settings accordingly and enjoy the music.


Self-help for Anxiety Management or popularly known as SAM, is a tool that helps the user understand and handle anxiety. By monitoring the regular moods, the app suggests exercises for personal reflection and helps the user to identify anxiety triggers and manage them effectively. The app is useful and easy-to-handle even for beginners who have not much idea about feel good apps.

This organizer app is useful in managing the regular tasks, goals, daily to-do lists, personalised projects and activities and to keep a tab on them. It can be synced across various web and mobile platforms.

This is a habit tracking app and helps a person to stay fit and improve health. The free app guides people into learning newer skills, getting fit and develop relationships among others. With the app, you can celebrate fitness milestones and be consistent with them for the long term.


WaterMinder never lets you stay dehydrated! For people who have a bad day and find difficulty in concentrating and focusing, WaterMinder helps you to get back on track. All the above situations might be because you drank less water and are dehydrated. WaterMinder tracks the amount of water you are drinking in a day and based on regular habits suggests the amount of water one should take in a day. It also sends reminders and notifications to take the next glass of water.


This helps to schedule the sleep routine and get an adequate amount of sleep required for a balanced life. This app is the sleep tracker, health analyzer as well as the alarm clock in one. By tracking the sleep cycle of a person, the app calculates the adequate time for the person to wake up and alerts the person.


Everyone loves a positive attitude- it not only makes the person happy but also enhances the person to develop thankfulness as a habit. The Happier app is a daily gratitude journal tool which helps the user to track pleasant memories and with those memories develop a positive and friendly attitude of the person. in addition to that. It also helps in developing a better routine of life, get good sleep and work with higher productivity.


Bliss brings tried-and-true psychological exercises for a person to develop positive energy. Optimism is the goal, and it helps the person to strengthen the mind and guide it to think positive and optimistic thoughts regularly.