Psychologists claim that whenever an individual is nervous or is undergoing stress, he tends to get fidgety and starts behaving in a restless manner. Studies suggest that the drive to fidget is in order to curb boredom. When someone needs to concentrate deeply, such restless behavior might work against him. In order to reduce stress levels in professional places specifically, there are various stress toys available in the market. Recently, a fidget cube was launched on the popular crowd funding website, Kickstarter. This vinyl desk toy is helpful when someone gets fidgety and does not know how to get rid of it. The makers of this desk toy claim that it may also result in better productivity.

Two brothers Matthew and Mark McLachlan invented the fidget cube. They were also the designers of Duet, which is an Apple watch accessory. The company under whose name this desk toy is being manufactured is dubbed Antsy Labs. They had also produced a device called Trio, which was an aluminum charging hub that supported any phone, tablet, or smart watch. But this invention did not attain success like the fidget cube.

Something about the Fidget Cube

The fidget cube is a vinyl desktop which helps to get rid of anxiety in an unfavorable situation. A person tends to get fidgety when he is restless, nervous, or under stress. His mind will not be at peace unless he gets rid of that uneasy feeling. The fidget cube comes handy at such times. While commuting, studying or even working on a project, one can release his tension by toying with this fidget cube. The makers of this vinyl desk toy believe that the way the world looks at a restless behavior needs to change. It is usually considered inappropriate behavior and often mocked at. But people need to understand that such reactions are natural when an individual feels uneasy.

fidget cube - Highest Funded Products on Kickstarter

Some experts believe that if the process of fidgeting has a definite outlet, it can result in positive results and better productivity and concentration. One can develop a better concentration level as well as his attention will not waver. The fidget cube has six sides out of which the user can decide which side he wants to fidget with. It is a handy device one can carry at all times as it easily fits in a pocket.

Its successful campaign on Kickstarter

The fidget cube raised $6,465,695 through the crowd funding website Kickstarter. It currently has 154,926 people who backed this project. This has made it the 9th most funded product ever on Kickstarter and is also the 2nd highest backed project. The fidget cube helps a person fidget at any place without making any noise to avoid causing any annoyance to the nearby people. It is available in eight different color schemes to increase its appeal as it doesn’t have an attractive look. It is available for a trivial price of $19 on Kickstarter.