The market today offers innumerable devices which help an individual to keep a check on his health and fitness levels. There is the latest addition to the list of such monitoring products. LVL is a wearable hydration monitor which keeps an eye not only on the hydration level of the body but also the complete health. We are all well aware of the fact that two-third of our body is of water. In this case, it becomes really important to monitor the hydration levels of one’s body to ensure absolute fitness. Smart bottles are available in the market which shows  how much water someone has consumed. But this wearable hydration monitor supervises the amount of water which has been soaked in by the body, making it more effective.

Thought behind this invention

Dr. Dustin Freckleton is the founder of this device. Freckleton got inspiration to create this band when on suffering a severe hydration-related stroke in medical school. He was just 25 back then and needed three months of physical therapy before he could walk again. This made him think that being a practicing physician was not that important. He realized that it was more important to keep people away from the negative effects of dehydration. These effects are poor sleep, debilitating injury, and in some extreme cases poor cognitive function. This wearable device will monitor one’s hydration levels and will advise about how much water is essential to stay healthy.

About the first wearable hydration monitor

LVL is not only a hydration monitor but also keeps a track on your activity, sleep, mood, etc. This device directly measures the water content in the body with the help of a red infrared light. This light is passed through the body using specialized and consumer grade LEDs. While the infrared light is passing through the body, each wavelength is absorbed and reshaped in a unique manner. This helps in generating a spectrographic picture of the water level and other activities going on in the body. The software inside this band then analyzes this information to measure certain biometrics.

First Wearable Hydration Monitor

Efficiency of this Wearable Hydration Monitor Device

The plus point of this device is that its scanning efficiency is better than other such fitness devices. This is because the infrared sensor penetrates up to ten times deeper than other devices. This enables direct measurements of the body constituent levels. It also acts as a heart rate monitor, pedometer, calorie count and alarm clock. This device connects with its smartphone app. This app notifies the user about his fitness levels on a regular basis. The app also instructs the user about the necessary intake of water and the kind of sleep one will get.

The sale of this device is done through the famous crowd funding site Kickstarter and has already raised $765,420. The initial target was only $50,000 thus making it a huge success. The early bird price for this device is $99.