Be it using the GPS to track the real-time pace and distance on the run or checking out the new workout intensity map, Fitbit Charge 4 has it all. The device has an Active Zone Minutes feature that helps the person to get their regular dose of heart-pumping activity, whether indoors or outdoors. Additionally, Charge 4 also has several features like sleep tracking, Spotify – Connect & Control and 20+ goal-based exercise modes to give people an enhanced user experience.

Charge 4 Fitbit Review

Charge 4 also has several features like sleep tracking, Spotify – Connect & Control and 20+ goal-based exercise modes to give people an enhanced user experience

New Features of the Fitbit Charge 4 

Active Zone Minutes

This feature uses the heart rate of a person to measure the intensity of the activities of a person and also helps them to get the most of workout activity.

Built-in GPS

The new in-built GPS feature helps the person to get an idea of the pace and distance during a run, hikes or a ride. They can get the information readily on the wrist without a phone. They can also see a map of their route afterwards on the Fitbit app.

Workout intensity map

With this feature, the users can get detailed data on the route map after a workout. Details, including the heart rate zones, pace details will be highlighted on the map.

20+ goal-based exercise modes

The device has a new outdoor exercise mode that has several activities like kayaking and cross-country skiing for people to get information about. They can also get a detailed map of the workout later on the Fitbit app.

Sleep Score

This feature analyses multiple factors to give information about the sleeping heart rate data, time asleep, and restlessness in the night whenever they wear the Charge 4 (and any Fitbit device with Sleep Score) to bed. The Sleep Score helps to get a good idea of how well one is sleeping, the sleep patterns and trends and to set practical sleeping goals.

Fitbit Premium

This feature helps one to stay connected to fellow users, support the Fitbit community and help people be active always. Fitbit is offering 40 innovative pieces of Premium content free in its app. Users will also get a 90-day free trial of its paid subscription, where they will get personalized health insights, guidance, advanced sleep tools as well as customized programs.

Female health tracking

The Fitbit Charge 4 also helps women to get in tune with their bodies and effectively track periods, record symptoms and also follow a predicted ovulation calendar regularly.

Smart Features of the Fitbit Device

  • Spotify – Connect & Control: Users can get the perfect playlist for their workouts through the Spotify app. The right playlist can make or break a workout and listening to the favourite tunes will motivate a person to work out and be in tune with the exercises easily. One can choose the music output, play, shuffle as well as Like songs on the Spotify app. They can also control the music and podcasts from the wrist while on the go.
  • Call, text, calendar notifications: The Fitbit device not lets users receive a call, text, calendar, and app notifications directly on the wrist when connected with any smartphone app.
  • Weather, time, and stopwatch: These apps will feature directly on the wrist, and one can control them quickly and make their daily life more efficient.
  • 7-day battery life: The Fitbit Charge 4 has a battery span of seven days and lets the user have a night of uninterrupted sleep and activity tracking for a full week. Also, the device has up to five hours of battery life with continuous GPS on the run.
  • Tap-to-pay from wrist: Users can now make secured purchases directly from their wrists with the Fitbit Pay app. Be it on their favourite grocery stores or takeout restaurant, Fitbit Pay enables smooth transactions.

Charge 4 is available with several accessory bands and colours for users to choose from. Also, the Charge 4 device accessories are sold separately in-store as well as online.