Fitbit, in 2019, launched Premium membership service, an advanced version of the official Fitbit app which was available for free. Fitbit Premium is a paid-for membership service that applies your Fitbit data to deliver personalized, applicable guidance, and practical coaching to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. It is an extension of the app and useful for those who desire a more structured experience and guidance to reach their desired fitness level.

Fitbit Premium features annual subscription cost 2020

The Fitbit Premium service is accessible to all Fitbit device users.

Also, what’s better is that, as additional assistance to get active, since all are stuck at home, Fitbit has extended their free trial of the Premium service from 7 days to 90 days i.e., three months. After this period, if you do not wish to continue, you can cancel without paying any fee.

What is the Fitbit Premium?

There are several features in the Premium service packed with personal insights into your health and lifestyle routine. It provides access to numerous audios and video workouts and added tools for positive change such as Health reports, sleep guidance, adventurous challenges, etc. Based on a little comparative analysis, here is our list of 5 Fitbit Premium features worth experiencing.

Guided programs for overall mindfulness

This is an excellent feature to fashion one’s wellness goals according to their requirements. It offers directions on the whys and hows for the achievement of your goals. These programs allow users to witness day-by-day guidance and content tailored to them. There are programs for getting more sleep, eating healthily, moving more, and getting exercise. Currently, with the launch, nine guidance programs are available for Premium users.

These consist of: Intro to Healthy Habits, Run Training, Get More Zzz’s, Get Active, Habits for Restful Sleep, Understand Calories, Beginner Running, Kick Your Sugar Habit and Kick Your Salt Habit.  Each program runs for a specific number of weeks, and each will make you choose goals and reminders to guarantee you’re sticking to the schedule. There are other mindfulness tools like guided breathing routines, anti-anxiety meditations, healthy recipe suggestions, bedtime stories, and other educational content.

Dynamic and compelling workouts

Incorporating everything from High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), 15 minute Yoga to kickboxing, Barre, and 30-minute dance, Fitbit’s dynamic workouts are just the thing for you at any level. These are available in video sessions of different timings with a count of the number of calories each of them should burn. The sessions are marked as ‘easy,’ ‘medium,’ or ‘hard’ with further details on the parts of the body targeted with each workout.

The contents cover full-body workouts, ab workouts, exercises with kids, a five-minute blast, audio running guides, etc. Bicycling, bodyweight, elliptical, walking, running, stair workouts, stretching, total body, and rowing are some of the Premium service workouts.

Sleep insights and guidance

Sleep tracking and guidance tool is another excellent feature in this tech device of the Fitbit premium service. Along with sleep scores and sleep stages, Premium users can also avail additional insights and breakdown of their sleep score. With sleep programs such as Get More Zzz’s and Habits for Restful Sleep, there are breakdowns of how your Sleep Score is calculated, with individual scores for sleep duration, restoration, and restlessness. There are selections of 15 to 45 minutes of audio relaxation tools to help you unwind and fall asleep and observe how activity and sleep impact each other.

Subscribers can also view their heart rate through the night, effects of alcohol or caffeine on their heart rate data, and sleep time spent below resting heart rate.

Health reports and wellness coaching

The Premium service has a great feature that allows you to generate a wellness report comprising heart rate, weight, sleep, and activity data into a basic 30-day overview, with subsequent detailed graphs for each. These reports can be downloaded and read as PDFs and present an incredible way to look at your health statistics in one place, ideal for sharing the data with your nutritionist or health specialist.

Another benefit provided here is health coaching, giving access to qualified and certified health coaches. These are specially designed for users with chronic conditions such as diabetes or hypertension to provide personalized guidance and expert advice.

Challenges and adventures

Fitbit Premium is determined to offer the best services with extra zing through challenges and adventure programs designed to stay motivated. There are games such as ‘All For One Challenge’ that Fitbit claims to have intended for families, ‘Get Fit Bingo Challenge’ that needs you to tick off a bingo card of mini fitness goals to craft a pattern. There are also virtual adventures to be played with friends or individually, including walking famous trails like the Valley Loop or Pohono Trail. Subscribers also have the option of customizing challenges that allow them to set their step, distance, or active minute challenge.

Fitbit Premium Cost

The Fitbit Premium service is accessible to all Fitbit device users. It costs $9.99/£7.99 per month or $79.99/£79.99 a year. It can be availed via the in-app purchase option.