One big challenge in the use of camcorders is the fact that your hands will be occupied. Even with the most powerful contemporary camera, this challenge is inevitable to acquire a piece of memory or clips that can be shared with friends. Sometimes we end up contributing less to the vital sessions of our events just to grab beautiful clips. But technology says this challenge is going obsolete.

FITT360 neckband wearable camera is a hands-free technology camcorder that simply sits on your neck to record all the views in your day effortlessly. All that is required is to hit the record button and Fitt360 will cover your experiences including your sides and rear view, i.e. in 360°. The device can be used to record, snap and live-stream wonderful moments such as special events of our outdoor activities; hiking, snowboarding, parachuting, etc. It can also be used as a headset to play music and to take calls.

Design and features

FITT360 has an ergonomic design which makes it sit comfortably around the neck. Built to offer 360° view of up to nine (9) hours video recording, the FITT360 neckband camcorder prides 3 Full HD 4k cameras, each with 180 degrees viewing field, and a 128 GB (max) microSD. However, the device cannot offer up to 9 hours on a charge. It’s powered by a 2400 mAh battery, which can only give around an hour and a half recording from one charge. With full functionalities such as Wi-Fi connectivity and live-streaming, FITT360 would begin to signal a battery low after about an hour. Good thing is that it does not require any other device to function – it’s a standalone camcorder.

FITT360 is built with an inner-piece to protect the device from falling off, in case users are performing extreme sports. Contents do not require any form of pre-editing to stitch videos (three) from the three cameras into one “full-angle panorama video.” Recorded contents can be moved into other devices through it’s Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection and users have the choice to export the file either as a single HD image or a large 360 degrees image. It has IPX6 water rating (not waterproof), meaning its water-resistance to protect the device from water splash and sweat from workouts. With its built-in GPS, FITT360 can be used to map or track movement paths.


  • Seamless live-streaming function
  • Full angle (360°) footage
  • Hands-free
  • Can function as a headset
  • Available GPS for mapping


  • Hair or shirt collar can easily block the cameras
  • Poor resolution
  • Low battery life


FITT360 is the first and only existing neckband camera that can offer full angle recording. No gadget can contend with its functionality yet. But the device’s shortcoming is in the poor resolution (4k), which is really low compared to what headband GoPro offers, and the fact that long hair or shirt collar can block the camera without the user having any notification. FITT360 price ($370) may be outrageous for some individuals, especially now that LinkFlow is still working to improve the device. We would suggest that you wait for an improved edition of the neckband camera if you’re not in a hurry to start enjoying the wonderful experience.