Mobile applications are a huge business. One of the major reasons behind Apple’s successful iOS is its application features- Apple Apps. Although, Android may shift the major share than the mobile platform of Apple, but when it comes to having the best applications, Apple’s App Store still inherits the lion’s share with Apple Apps. It ranges from the high-end social media tools to cutting-edge productivity apps.

Technowize brings to you the list of five apple apps that you should download right away without any hesitation.

Five Apple Apps You Need To Download

ProCamera 8+ HDR


Screen Grab: ProCamera

This is one of the most powerful camera application and editor for a smartphone. You can figure out the length of delay in timer and number of photos that will be shot along with photo preview, remote trigger and external viewfinder. It has a variety of effects and 76 filters. You can delete, save or export photos easily over different social media platforms via the Lightbox feature.

Key Features

  • Exposure swipe control.
  • Gray card calibration.
  • Manual focus.
  • Slow motion video player.
  • Night camera.
  • Full resolution photo preview.
  • Different screen formats.
  • Advanced HFR recording of videos.

Price: $3.99/$4.99

Day One


Screen Grab: Dayone

Writing a daily diary used to be boring, arduous and back-breaking, but this app makes it fun. It performs location check-in. In the entry made, it can attach a recent photo. It is loaded with features like photographic entries, quick entry and voice commands, transcription and dictation. It has been designed in a way to be the simplest and the fastest way to capture happenings of your life.

Key Features

  • Location check-in.
  • Time notification of the last photo was taken
  • Voice dictation.
  • Timeline of recent entries.
  • Rich entry views with editing.
  • Customizable quick entries.

Price: $3.99/$4.99



Screen Grab: Slack

This happens to be a popular team communication app. No need to check the entire feed. The app wisely notifies all the direct mentions and texts. You can reply to texts and mentions using Emoji, voice input and pre- defined answers.

Key Features

  • You will be notified with mentions and messages on your wrist via apple watch if you own one.(How simple and fun is that?).
  • Create DMs.
  • Reply to unread mentions via DMs.
  • Continue the conversation in the app via Handoff.
  • Get a list of unread DMs.
  • Switch between authenticated teams.

Price: Free

Tune In radio pro

TuneIn radio

Screen Grab: TuneIn radio

This application provides you access to worldwide 100,000 radio stations. You can easily jump stations and follow shows throughout the content.

Key features

  • Choose your own station.
  • See what’s playing.
  • Access the station menu by shuffling channels.
  • Play, skip and pause anytime.

Price: $7.99/$9.99

Weather Nerd

Weather nerd

Screen Grab: Weather nerd

This app is powered by Dark Sky. You get three panels to shuffle between. The panels include today, week and hour. Today shows an overview of entire day’s forecast, temperature and weather estimates. Hour shows possible rainfall predictions. The week provides an overview of entire week’s weather conditions.

Key Features

  • Daily reports on weather conditions.
  • Every minute update.
  • Weather satellite.
  • Weather satellite.
  • Three widgets- hour, day and week.
  • Location follow-up.

Price: $2.99/$3.99


Uber App

Screen Grab: Uber App

This app is your private driver in more than fifty countries. This app provides you an entirely modern way of travelling on just a swipe of your fingertips.

Key Features

  • You can request a ride and get picked up fast.
  • No reservation required.
  • Compare the rates for different rides.
  • You can use a credit card or PayPal, so no need to worry about cash in hand.
  • You can set up your pick up and final destinations on a single go.
  • Get connected to the driver and stay updated about cab’s progress.
  • Get an email of the receipt on arrival at the preferred location

Price: Free

This was our list for best Apple Apps. How about yours?

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