There are several food applications that consumers can easily download nowadays and order food from the best restaurants in town. We bring to you the best nine among them!

Ordering food has never been so easy! You download an app, choose your favorite dish, and you get it delivered at your doorstep. Such are the facilities and feasibility offered by food apps. There are many food apps in the market, but the following nine stands apart from the rest. The list includes:

Best Food Delivery Apps In The Industry


This app is an American multinational company that connects food lovers with local restaurants. Available in London, Italy, and Poland, restaurant owners can create their account here and interact with customers and take orders. Customers can submit their reviews about the restaurants, and the food served. Yelp app currently has more than 163 million reviews to refer to. To boost its service and make customers happier, it also introduced hygiene scores on the app for the restaurants located in New York, California, Texas, Illinois, and DC. The hygiene scores are input from the local governments’ nationwide database of health inspection reports.

best food apps

food delivery apps


This is an online restaurant reservation service available in Dubai, Berlin, and Tokyo. The app connects diners with 40,000+ restaurants, and the app also annually features a list of the best 50 restaurants in the UK. In addition to the diner location and restaurant recommendations based on the diner’s preference, the app also has a seating options feature where the diners can reserve their seats anywhere in the restaurant.

Just Eat

This app operates across 12 markets worldwide, including Denmark, Ireland, the UK, and Canada. The app collaborates with 93,700 restaurants, offering 100 different cuisine types. After witnessing the tremendous growth in independent restaurants, the app launched an initiative named Business Booster to support and help independent restaurants expand further.


In addition to providing healthy foods to develop a vegetarian, vegan, paleo, or gluten-free lifestyle, Tasteful also offers content and nutrition inputs from leading nutritionists, chefs, and food bloggers. The app has around 252,357 healthy restaurant options in 8,000 cities across the United States.


This is a British food delivery company offering around 10,000 UK restaurants to food lovers through the app and offers efficient food delivery service. In addition to delivering delicious food, the company also launched a support scheme to boost restaurants in reducing their business costs and with that offers discounted food training courses to people.


The unique feature of this app is the “location intelligence,” which helps in assisting consumers and businesses. The app, available in Brazil, Indonesia, Spain, and the UK, helps food lovers to find restaurants, foods and share reviews and comments about a particular restaurant.


This popular pizza chain enables users to order pizzas, sides, desserts as well as drinks with a live delivery tracker that updates the user the status of their orders. The launch of Domino’s app witnessed a tremendous rise in the orders by more than 41%, with over 11.5 users downloading the app.


Uber is not only a taxi service; it is a leading food app too. It is a food ordering and delivery platform available across North & South America, Europe, and Asia. It was launched a few years back by the taxi service to give a different and convenient “experience to foodies completely tailored to food.”


This app is available in Brazil, Indonesia, North America, the UK, and Canada and allows users to pay for their items and coffees at a click of a button. With the app, the users can also check balances, add money, earn and track rewards, place customized orders as well as send gift cards. These features and benefits are a part of the loyalty program by Starbucks, with free drinks offered on the virtual card.