It comes as no surprise that the advent of modern technology is affecting all the day-to-day activities of a human, even driving. Various types of technological innovations are striving to make driving easier and safer for individuals across the globe. But the catch here is that this technology is available in the latest models of cars out in the market. Due to this, the majority of the population which already owns cars is not able to utilize the features. In order to curb this problem, the Ford SmartLink has been announced today. This enables an individual to make the most of these connectivity features without the need to splurge on a new car.

Usually, the range of connected cars offers an increasingly elaborate array of technology. The older models of cars are unable to offer such features. The car manufacturer Ford aims to find a solution to this problem and make the already existent cars almost as good as the new models. The Ford SmartLink device will add these connectivity features to the Ford and Lincoln models of the years 2010 to 2016. This device is compatible with cars which have the built-in modem access. This modem system can add software and new features to the older vehicles.

Ford SmartLink Aims to Equip Old Cars

Ford SmartLink

Ford SmartLink will help update the already existent cars.

More about the Ford SmartLink device

The Ford SmartLink device comes with a 4G LTE modem which plugs into the car’s OBDII port. This port is generally under the dashboard. After setting it up, the device will connect to the user’s smartphone with the help of an associated SmartLink app. This lets the user check the car’s location and the fuel status on his smartphone itself. Apart from this, the app is capable of performing functions like locking the doors or remotely starting the engine.  The SmartLink device is in partnership with Verizon for its internet connectivity and automotive equipment supplier Delphi.

The executive director of Ford’s Customer Service Division for North America, Brett Wheatley stated that Ford SmartLink is designed to cater to the needs of the driver at different points of his life. This will also help parents monitor the location as well as the driving speed of their child. Parents can set speed limits and location-based boundaries so that if the children cross any of these limits, the SmartLink app will immediately notify them.

With the smartphone app, the Ford SmartLink device will also come with a Web Portal. This Web Portal will showcase information regarding the vehicle’s health. It can notify the driver regarding any maintenance issues. Its security feature will alert the owner if there is vibration when someone tries to break in or steal.