Internet radio changed the music industry and is still influencing the way music is broadcast and made. Started initially by hobbyists and music lovers, it was seen as a music platform for garage bands and indie music. Big music companies had no interest in such bands and keep out of it.


It was only in the mid-2000s that Internet radio and streaming started getting notice from the big players. The launch of iHeartmedia in 2008 started the trend of others getting on the bandwagon. Major tech players and music moguls started Apple Music, Spotify, Wynk and more. With technology improving in broadcasting and listening devices, streaming music has become the norm. 

Online Music Streaming Sites (Free)

Here we bring you a curated list of the best streaming services in operation.


Spotify Free Music Streaming


It is the most popular music streaming service with more than 20 million options. It is compatible with all major platforms like Windows, iOS, and Android, and plays high-quality music at 320 kbps. You can create playlists, edit and play genres, and much more. Free music comes with ads and paid subscribers can play ad-free music, download, and get offline access. Nearly 70 million people use the service.


Pandora Free Music Streaming


It is a great place to find new music. You can create a playlist based on artists, genres and more. The app suggests further selections based on your search and taste. This free music streaming site is ad infused. There are two paid plans which give better quality audio, ads free playing, and access to its 40 million database of songs. It has a streaming quality of 192 kbps, 


iHeartRadio Free Music Streaming


One can arguably call it the founding father of streaming music sites. You can listen to live radio or create your own channel with your picks. It is part of the iHeartRadio Group with access to more than 850 channels and a large number of radio channels all over the US. The playing list is immense.


SHOUTcast Free Music Streaming


SHOUTcast is an interesting music streaming service that along with the usual features also lets you start your own radio station. It allows you to tune in to over 89,000 radio stations from across the world. Search your favorite artist, genre or band and just start listening, there is no sign-in required.


Google Play Free Music Streaming


A well-known name for streaming music, it allows a user access to its entire music catalog. It is compatible to all platforms like iOs, Windows, Android, etc.  You can upload up to 50,000 of your legally owned songs to its library, which you can play anytime. It has top charts, new releases, artists, genres, the whole gamut of features that make streaming sites interesting.

It plays music in 320 kbps.

Sound Cloud Free Music Streaming


Sound Cloud has a vast variety of music that has been created and uploaded by musicians from across the world. It is a music sharing platform where upcoming musicians and artists can share their music with others. It is like a YouTube channel for independent artists. It has all the basic features and functions that are available on other channels. 

It has  76 million registered users and 175 million unique monthly listeners.


Last.FM Free Music Streaming


It is said to be the first social network streaming service. It throws up music options based on what the community is listening to. You can stream music free. It has a Scrobble feature that tracks your listening choices and comes up with suggestions. The site allows you to connect with other streaming services like Spotify, Apple, etc.