If you’re an online shopper, a gamer, or just a general web surfer, then free VPNs can be your best friends. A VPN encrypts all of your data not to be intercepted by cybercriminals and keeps you safe from identity theft. It also allows you to access region-locked content on services like Netflix so that you don’t have to miss out on the latest TV shows just because they aren’t available in your country. This article will discuss why everyone should have a VPN for their devices and what is best for different purposes.

Why you should use VPN

A Virtual Private Network or (VPN) is a way for people to protect their privacy and security on the internet by using an encrypted tunnel between your device and a VPN server. As a result, all data is hidden from others, including hackers, ISPs, and Government agencies.

A Virtual Private Network helps hide all of your traffic from prying eyes and allows anyone who uses them to access blocked content or sites that may not otherwise be available in their country, such as streaming services like Netflix or Hulu Plus.

Even the free services from VPNs are beneficial if you’re ever concerned about connecting with unknown Wi-Fi hotspots by protecting user credentials like usernames and passwords with strong encryption.

Free Virtual Private Network

VPNs aren’t just limited to protecting yourself online, they can also help bypass censorship restrictions in countries with authoritarian regimes.

Below are lists of free VPN providers:

  •  Cyberghost VPN is a free service from Germany which helps you route through one of its servers and encrypts all data sent and received.
  • Hola VPN provides access to blocked websites such as US Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, etc., even in other countries. It’s also available on most devices, including smart TVs and tablet computers.
  • Hotspot Shield VPN has been around for years with over 500 million users worldwide across 190+countries. The software automatically finds the best connection settings based on your location, so there’s no need to choose server locations manually or download configuration files before connecting, as some VPNs require. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac, Android.
  • VPN One Click is another popular free VPN available on most devices, including desktop computers, tablet computers, and smart TV. It functions with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux as well as iOS and android operating systems.
  • Express VPN One of the best and most reliable high-speed premium VPNs that offer protection at affordable prices.

Benefits of VPNs

  •  Some people use VPNs for privacy concerns, so no one knows they are accessing certain types of content on the internet, even if they live somewhere with no censorship issues, such as China or Iran.
  • VPN providers also allow you to access blocked websites and content worldwide, secure public Wi-Fi hotspots. So, they can be used as an alternative for people looking for a reliable free VPN service.
  • VPNs also help you access geo-restricted content. Geo-blocking is a technology that allows copyright holders to control what is accessible from their websites and other sites that have partnered with them, such as Hulu or BBC iPlayer. To stop people from outside the country from accessing this video, they block access to people who aren’t in the same country. VPNs allow you to get around this and watch all of your favorite content from anywhere in the world!
  • A VPN will help encrypt your internet connection and hide what you do on the internet from anyone who might be watching. This is crucial if you are using public Wi-Fi or have an ISP that snoops on your browsing history.
  • A VPN is also a good choice if you’re traveling and need access to resources that may not be available in another country, like streaming video services, games, banking apps (like Wells Fargo), etc.

How VPN works

A Virtual Private Network works by encrypting all internet traffic between your device and the VPN server. This makes it extremely difficult for hackers or government agencies such as NSA (National Security Agency) to track what you’re doing online as some free proxy services do.

But, of course, free VPNs aren’t just limited to protecting yourself online, they can also help bypass censorship restrictions in countries with authoritarian regimes where social media is censored, such as China, UAE, and Russia.