As Pablo Picasso once said, “Art is a lie that makes us realize truth.” For centuries, artists have been using their creativity to capture the beauty and emotions of the world around them. From Michaelangelo’s iconic paintings to Picasso’s groundbreaking cubism, artists have been pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with the human mind and imagination. But what happens when we combine the creativity of artists with the power of artificial intelligence? The answer lies in the best AI image generators and top AI art generators – software programs that use complex algorithms to create stunning, lifelike images that are indistinguishable from those created by human hands.

In recent years, the rise of AI image generators has taken the art world by storm, providing artists and designers with a new way to create beautiful, eye-catching visuals. From simple sketches to intricate masterpieces, the best AI image generators and top AI image generators can produce stunning works of art that rival those created by human artists.

But the potential of AI art generators goes beyond just creating beautiful images. With the best AI art generator and top AI art generators, artists and designers can experiment with new styles and techniques, exploring new creative possibilities and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of art.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of AI image generators and AI art generators, exploring the best AI image generator and best AI art creator options on the market today. We’ll examine the top AI image generators and top AI art generators, providing insights and tips on how to get the most out of these innovative tools. Whether you’re a professional artist or just looking to explore your creative side, this guide will help you find the best AI image generator and AI art generator for your needs.

AI image generator

A computer from the 90s in the style of vaporwave generated by DALL·E 2


When it comes to the world of AI art generators, DALL·E 2 is undeniably one of the best. As the first AI-powered image generator to create unique and interesting images on a large scale, it quickly went viral and is still considered one of the top AI image generators available.

What sets DALL·E 2 apart from other AI art generators is its simplicity. With just a few clicks, anyone can create an AI-generated image. All you need to do is sign up for a free OpenAI account, enter your desired prompt, and click “Generate.” Within seconds, you’ll have four AI-generated image options to choose from. OpenAI is also the creator of ChatGPT, so if you’re familiar with that, you’ll find the process even easier.

DALL·E 2 offers 50 free credits when you sign up, and an additional 15 credits every month. Each credit allows you to generate four image variations from a single prompt, whether it’s text-based, image-based, or a request for more variations. You can also purchase packs of 115 credits for just $15, which works out to $0.13 per prompt or $0.0325 per image variation.

But DALL·E 2 is more than just a simple AI image generator. Its image editor allows users to add extra generated frames, a technique called “out-painting” that allows for larger works of AI art. The editor also features an eraser that can remove and replace specific elements of an image using AI-generated elements – this is called “in-painting.”

With the added ability to connect DALL·E 2 to other apps using its API, it’s no surprise that this software is considered the best AI art generator by many. From automating art inspiration to automatically creating images based on Google Forms or HubSpot responses, DALL·E 2 is a versatile tool for any artist or creator looking for the best AI image generator or best AI art creator.

Midjourney AI

(Image Credit:- Midjourney)


Midjourney, ranked among the Top AI image generators, is a remarkable AI art generator that produces stunning, coherent, and visually appealing images with better textures and colors than its competitors. It is no surprise that it was the first AI image generator to win an art competition. The generated images are particularly impressive, as the people and real-world objects look more lifelike and natural than they do with other AI image generators.

One downside to Midjourney is that the beta version is only accessible through Discord, which might be inconvenient for some users. Once you join Midjourney’s Discord server or invite the Midjourney bot to one you control, you can use the /imagine command to generate four variations of your prompt. The community aspect is cool, but your creations will be public on Midjourney’s Discord.

If you’re new to AI image generators, don’t worry. Midjourney offers helpful documentation that guides you through getting started and its advanced features. You can upscale, re-edit, blend multiple images, and control parameters to create fantastic results.

Midjourney offers a free trial that allows for 0.4 hours of GPU time or around 25 images with a Creative Commons non-commercial license. After that, the Basic Plan starts at $10/month and comes with 3.3 hours of GPU time per month or around 200 images. You can also buy additional GPU time and use your images commercially.

If you’re looking for the Best AI image generator or Best AI art creator, Midjourney should be on your list of Top AI art generators to consider.

Stable Diffusion

The spirit of a tamagotchi wandering in the city of Paris generated by Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion

As one of the best AI image generators on the market, Stable Diffusion distinguishes itself by being open source. This allows tech-savvy users to download the software and run it locally on their own devices, giving them unparalleled control over the AI-generated images they create. In fact, almost all of the AI art generators available today use Stable Diffusion’s software in some capacity. Additionally, Stability AI, the company behind Stable Diffusion, has created a public app called DreamStudio that offers a plethora of features to customize and fine-tune the AI-generated images.

DreamStudio offers sliders that allow users to control various aspects of the image generation process, from image size to how closely it matches the user’s prompt, and even offers in-painting and out-painting features. However, DreamStudio is built on a credit system and users must purchase additional credits to generate more images or use more powerful models. Stable Diffusion and DreamStudio are the best options for users who want complete control over the AI image generation process, with the ability to create custom AI services.

Craiyon AI

An Image generated by Craiyon


Craiyon, the AI image generator, is a contender for the best AI art creator available online. Unlike DALL-E 2 and Midjourney, Craiyon is completely free to use and accessible to anyone through its website. All you need to do is enter a text prompt, and within two minutes, Craiyon generates images from the interactive web demo.

This AI art generator uses publicly-available information OpenAI has provided on their model. However, Craiyon is not affiliated with OpenAI, nor censored at all, so any prompt is accepted by the AI generator. Craiyon even allows you to request a certain style for the picture to be created.

Although Craiyon struggles to match the image quality of DALL-E and other top AI image generators, it is still a fun and unfiltered AI art generator. The faces of celebrities and cartoons can often be imperceptible in the generated artwork. However, it is possible to make better faces by writing long and detailed prompts, listing the size and location of each part of the face, which has helped some Craiyon users create better faces on their artwork.

It is worth noting that Craiyon does not provide high-resolution files for downloading images. Rather, users can only download images as a screenshot. Nevertheless, Craiyon provides an accessible way for anyone to enjoy and experiment with AI art creation.

Picsart AI

(Image credit:- Picsart)


Picsart, which had generative AI added in at the end of 2022, is a highly accessible AI image generator that lives inside of a popular photo editing app. The app is based on Stable Diffusion’s open-source code, but Picsart has done a significant amount of heavy lifting to make it faster and produce higher-quality results, making it a contender for the best AI image generator.

Unlike other text-to-image generators, Picsart’s system allows users to edit their creations further using a suite of full-featured and easy-to-use tools, giving users the chance to put a more human touch on the process. This feature has made it extremely popular, with its AI image generator being used to make more than a million images a day just a month after launch.

Picsart’s platform has steadily added features, such as replacing objects in existing images, creating new backgrounds, and AI avatars based on photos of up to two people at a time. Additionally, its generator can turn rough sketches into finished pieces of art, which is a rare capability even among top AI art generators.

However, it should be noted that while the baseline AI image generator is free, additional features come at a price, with pricing varying depending on the feature. Many of these features can be accessed through Picsart Gold, which costs $4.66 per month. Nevertheless, Picsart is still one of the top AI image generators, given its impressive capabilities and accessibility.

Nightcafe Studio AI

(Image Credit:- Nightcafe Studio)

Nightcafe Studio

Nightcafe Studio is a top AI art generator that allows users to create stunning photos in a variety of different styles, with various preset effects available from cosmic to oil painting and more. The platform uses the VQGAN+CLIP method to generate AI art and offers more algorithms and options than many other generators.

The name NightCafe is inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s painting “The Night Café”. The platform is user-friendly, making it easy for novices to get started, but also offers advanced options for more experienced users. In advanced mode, users can adjust the weight of a word in a prompt by adding modifiers, and can also control the digital art’s aspect ratio, quality, and runtime before the NightCafe AI produces it.

One of the unique features of NightCafe Studio is that any previously created artwork can be evolved to include fresh features. Additionally, when signing up for NightCafe, users receive five free credits, with five more credits added to their account every day at midnight. To purchase more credits, users can use a variety of payment methods including PayPal, Apple Pay, Shopify, Visa, Mastercard, Google Pay, and American Express, with credits available for as little as $0.08 per credit.

NightCafe Studio is one of the best AI art generators available, offering a wide range of styles and advanced options for users to create unique and stunning pieces of art.