With the digitalized world, we are now able to send messages to space, self-destructing messages, and messages that are super private and not visible to prying government eyes. Well, what if you could just send a message from your grave? Awesome! I know, right? FutureMe will let you do that.

Recently, one of the Reddit users posted “I just received an email from my father. He died a year ago.” I know it seems like a horror story, a father who haunts his son even after death. The Redditor further posts the email on Reddit that he received from his father which was:

Hello Son, I am sending you this email from the grave. It’s a nice place. I warned you that I will haunt you even after I die. So here I am.

On a serious note, by the time you read this, I will have passed on. I hope that you have accustomed to live without this old man and have helped your mother to stay happy. I have complete confidence you will be taking really good care of her, just as I did.

I really want you to know that I am really proud of who you are and what you have become.

The Redditor leaves the letter incomplete, as it might be getting a little personal for him, but when you read that you might think that the father is seriously haunting his son. However, the old man used the website Futureme.org instead to email a letter to his son, even when he is no more.

FutureMe.org is a website that will let you send messages to your future self, specifying the date and email address. It can be anything, an advice, a suggestion or simply a hello from the past. You can also send messages to others if you are a registered user.

Digital afterlife is not a novel conversation anymore. Facebook also rolled out something called legacy control feature that allowed users to hand over their page to a specific person after they die. There are several other services on the Internet that lets you send emails to your future self or to someone else including Email From Death, Afternote, and Deathswitch. And these services are used by a lot of people to send posthumous and touching messages to their loved ones.

I wish someone comes up with a service which will allow us to advice our past self!