G-RO Revolutionary Carry-On Luggage

Image Credits: G-RO, Kickstarter

The Revolutionary Carry-On Luggage is indeed the most successful campaign for luggage in the entire history of Kickstarter. G-RO has, in fact, surpassed its original expectation of $125,000 goal and now it is on its way to pledges worth $2.5 million. This sleek and all terrain roller bag are something, which every tech savvy person would love to own. Even the general public would prefer going Gaga over it, as the roller bag has too many cool stuff lined up for them.

We personally love every feature about G-RO Revolutionary Companion Bag. The indestructible super-sized wheels; ergonomic, long, and strong handle; the revolutionary design layout, which keeps the bag cavernous within yet compact outside, the back having an optional battery bank that can simultaneously charge all your gadgets, and the incredible location tracking system of the carry on itself. This smart luggage solution is definitely a breakthrough invention and has shaken up the entire luggage industry quite brilliantly, in a very similar manner to how Uber has shaken up the entire ride-sharing industry.

Why G-RO Smart Carry On Luggage?

These days most of us cannot imagine traveling anywhere without our smart gadgets. Our greatest pre-travelling fears are what if the battery dies? We won’t be able to watch my favorite episodes; we won’t be able to finish off my presentation that we were planning to complete on the way, etc.

The Revolutionary Carry-On Luggage aims to lessen worries of people by addressing such issues while eliminating others. The luggage solution vows to be an intelligent luggage system without any excessive baggage. It aims to tackle issues such as affordability, interior and exterior volume along with weight, durability, and to say, it has really done a great job with that. The innovative design engineering and concepts have totally fascinated people all over.

G-RO Revolutionary Companion Bag is something that is designed for on-the-go kind of people who might crave for a bag, which is large enough to carry over for a week-long trip, yet it is light, durable, and maneuverable enough for the daily commute. The customizable axle-less huge wheels enable users to roll on the luggage over various terrains like street curbs, cobblestone, icy sidewalks, and snow. The patented design makes the G-RO Carry On Luggage last longer, feel lighter, better looking, and a smartly packed one. The handle is churned out of aluminum of aircraft grade making it stronger and longer. The extension of the handle up to six inches, which is way more than the standard industry size, makes it suitable to carry for people with different heights. This provides better leverage than the other roller carry-on ones, and it makes carrying a G-RO luggage more comfortably without any hassle.

G-RO Revolutionary Carry-On Luggage

Having a very busy life, individuals often tend to combine pleasure and work on business trips and family trips. They want a luggage carrier, which keeps both the essential parts of their life separate, yet together in a way. Lastly, these days’ airlines have made checked bags very expensive, so people want more spacious carriers. The Revolutionary Carry-On Luggage happens to solve all these issues on a single go.

The Revolutionary Carry-On Luggage is designed from the smartest and strongest materials available. It is an inbuilt laptop stand with a charging station having two USB ports. The Optical Electronic Module in Travel Light G-RO allows location tracking, proximity detector, and a long-lasting battery to fuel the needs of your laptop, phone, and tablet all at once.

So what are you waiting for? G-RO is available for $279 only. You can go on the website and pre-order now.

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