Brighten Up your Camping experience

Gadgets for the globetrotter

Getting everything together for your backpacking adventure can be terrifying. Worse still, it can cost you a fortune. The endless list of gadgets aiming to enhance your travelling experience is mind-blowing, albeit not quite as ostentatious and meant specifically for travelers. Whether you’re making your way by train, plane, automobile, or even your own two feet, no trip is perfect these days without digital accessories. Technology has become so advanced that it will leave you truly amazed, scurrying to make additions to your Christmas lists as we put the IT back into globetrotting, rolling and tramping. From the latest technology helping to sort itineraries and getting your bus and train tickets in order to handy gadgets for translation or keeping your smartphone or tablet charged up, we’ve rounded up a few travel-oriented technologies that come in myriad space-saving shapes and sizes, for frequent jetsetters below.

Useful Gadgets for The Globetrotter

Wrap Stove and Vertigo

Venturing in remote locations with harsh environmental conditions? No worries about flames extinguishing during dry and windy times or those tedious ordeals of refilling gas in ordinary portable burners. With this compact induction cooking stove that is Wrap Stove you can easily heat pots and pans by wrapping it around them using tiny magnets in the sleeve that help it cling onto the cooking vessel. This looks so much like a rolled up towel that wraps around any sort of cooking pan and switches on only when the end tab is folded and the temperature is set via a touchscreen. On the other hand, Vertigo is kind of like a microwave you can take mountain climbing because of how it can make cooking so easy. All you got to do is pour some chili or soup into a container and press the button that activates a sensor-triggered LED light indicating when the food or beverage you’re cooking has reached its optimum temperature.

Since camping is an equivalent to cramping, the Wrap Stove scores beautifully in the portability division and takes up very little space in your bag. So next time when you find yourself red with hunger in the middle of a jungle while camping, remember to carry these handy items with you that will heat the food up for you so you can devour without much hassle.

Wrist Mosquito Repeller Gadget

Are you a particular target of the bloodsuckers? Don’t these mosquito-repellent wristbands look like they’d be super-smart for everything including camping, fishing, gardening and mountain climbing? After all, who wants to glisten with a shimmer of sweaty, chemical bug spray during outdoor activities? The Wrist Mosquito Repeller gadget completely masks your entire body in a cocoon of protection. How does it work? The Wrist Mosquito Repeller gadget keeps mosquitos away without smelly oils or chemicals, with most of us assuming it uses ultrasound technology to block out the smell of carbon monoxide; the primary reason why mosquitoes get attracted to you. Viatek Mosquito Shield contains peppermint, pine and lavender to prevent people from having too many welts on their arms, legs and chest. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this clunky bracelet were all we needed to avoid a rash of itchy bites after spending time outdoors?

Price – $19.95 for a 12-pack of colorful Viatek Mosquito Shield Bands

Handspresso Wild Hybrid

That image you have in your head of being unable to find a nice warm cup of coffee every morning throughout your travels, hikes and outdoor adventures? Scrap it.
Here’s a good news for all the coffee addicts- the ultimate version of the machine portable espresso; the Handpresso Wild hybrid coffee maker for all those who find themselves as far up as 20 cars from the Starbucks drive-thru line when they need coffee more than anything else on the face of Earth. Handpresso has created a machine with maximum modularity and simplicity. It is lightweight, stylish and compact and follows you in the office, on vacation, weekend trip or traveling. How does it work? Make up the pressure to 16 bar, using a pump, just like in a bicycle. Add hot water (from a thermos or kettle), place the espresso of your choice and serve a high quality espresso! Long live caffeine. This works without batteries or electricity and will appeal especially to those consuming three cups of coffee and not being able to find a bathroom. So cheers to the cup. And the next. And the next.

Wi-Fi and USB cufflinks

Today business is done as much on the road as it is in the office. This really begs the question as to who on earth would need to wear a set of wireless hotspot cufflinks while on the move? While we’re certain the wireless hotspot feature could come in handy on singular occasions, its utter novelty value would probably be what fascinates tech orientated customers to it. These cufflinks, perfect for a 007 movie, discretely provides its users with both a Wi-Fi hotspot and a 2GB mini USB. Ideal for business meetings on the go (or at the airport), these cufflinks are advanced and chic — and even beneficial for additional personal elegance.

It should be specifically noted that one cufflink will be the wireless hotspot initiator, which can be connected to an online device, while the other is merely a 2GB flash drive. The cufflinks cost $250, which is crazy, but if you regularly purchase cufflinks, you probably have that kind of money in your cufflink budget.

Interested in the idea of picking a set of these Wi-Fi cufflinks up for yourself? If you are then better head on over to Firebox’s website for a lot more information on how these modern cufflinks work, and where you will be able to order a pair of these for a whopping $250. Any takers?

Water Purifier Bottle

We don’t want to scare you from going anywhere, but bad water is the #1 cause of dysentery and parasite infection. Most of the travelers’ health problems are caused by contaminated drinking water, which makes carrying a water purification system necessary when traveling around. This is especially useful when venturing in remote locations with harsh environmental conditions known for their unsafe tap water. Fortunately enough, these days there are countless products designed to help us in such conditions.

The cutting-edge CamelBak All Clear, for instance, is a state-of-the-art device capable of transforming almost any tap or contaminated natural water source into pure drinking water in just 60 seconds. The 0.75-liter water purifying bottle is furnished with rechargeable lithium ion batteries instead of regular traditional batteries, and uses UV light to neutralize viruses and bacteria. In short, this is an excellent way to save money on pure but less cost-effective bottled water and get safe drinking water while on the go.

Nemo Helio Pressure Shower

After a day of ripping up waves, pounding mountain trails, safari-ing, zip-lining, or just nursing margs on the beach, we don’t even want to spell out why you would need a nice warm shower. We have scoured an amazing outdoor shower device that is the Nemo Helio Pressure Shower compact shower system that comes in a tiny and neatly nested kit, weighs less than a full Nalgene, and provides up to 7 minutes of steady and satisfying water pressure.

Simply fill the bag with water, step on the foot pump a couple of times and voila! You have high pressured, warm (if left under the sun) water ready for that relaxing shower in the most unforgiving jungles. [$99.95]

Brighten Up your Camping experience

Get ready for the perfect, brightly lit camping party or a get together because we bring to you the BioLite NanoGrid that provides off-the-grid illumination. The system lets you daisy-chain multiple lighting units from a single power source, so you can cover up a larger area of the camp at night, while keeping your pack light.

What’s more? The BioLite’s Camp Stove, a closed-fire portable stove that uses thermoelectric generation to turn heat into extra energy for charging gadgets. We know this couldn’t get any more cooler but while this one won’t be coming out until the beginning of next year, we have a feeling we’ll have the same kind of appreciation for the BioLite NanoGrid, the awesome miniature power grid for brightening up and charging gadgets on your campsite.

Most importantly and interestingly enough, they are meant to be hung, maximizing the brightness around your camping area, so you can easily spot when you’re about to step on bear poo. Oh wait, you noticed it too late. Slated for availability in February, the BioLite NanoGrid system will retail for $99.95.