‘Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Review’ happens to be one of the most-searched terms on the internet, as of today’s date. Quite rightly so, because the ones who decide to opt out of the top-notch options laid out by Apple and ready to come to terms with sanctioning a high pocket-pinch for a flagship Android tablet, it’s probably the best bet. 

Samsung remains the leader when it comes to shipping the most number of smartphones around the world. In the domain of tablets too, it has long been a pioneer in its own right. For years, we have seen the Seoul-based company churning out some of the most amazing tablets to come out in recent times. The Galaxy series became a testimonial of its own. 

When we have a glimpse of the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra features, we realize that the long legacy of the Galaxy series is being taken forward with refined style, sheer elegance and pure passion. For, it emerges as arguably the best Android flagship tablet among the sea of such devices across the entire tech world. 

But how good is the Tab S8 Ultra? What are the perks that this stunning device has on offer? Is the seemingly astronomical price-tag really justified? Let’s delve deeper to find out the answers. 

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Features

The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra probably emerges as arguably the best Android flagship tablet among the sea of such devices across the entire tech world. [Image Credit: Samsung]

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Review: Unlock the ULTRAedge 

You would be amazed to know that the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra features allow the device to seamlessly pair with the all-new Android flagship from the Seoul-headquartered company, Galaxy S23 Ultra, to unravel a hassle-free Samsung ecosystem.

The fascinating setup becomes quite handy for professionals who can easily make switches across the devices and resume work from right where they left. This is indeed a great perk of having both of them together.

But aren’t there any pain points in the Tab S8 Ultra? Yes, along with some stunning value add-ons, the tablet comes with some loopholes too. Let’s go through its set of pros and cons to have a better assessment.  


  • Excellent battery life
  • Crisp 120Hz Super AMOLED display
  • S Pen included with fantastic performance
  • Ultra-slim and lightweight
  • Powerful SoC
  • Premium, sturdy build
  • Hardware is impressive to behold
  • Surprisingly good cameras
  • AKG-tuned speakers
  • Efficient multitasking in Android 12
  • Great sound quality
  • One UI tries to optimize all of the apps that it can


  • No cellular option
  • Unwieldy to transport
  • Underwhelming performance vs. iPads
  • Too large to be easily carried around—more a laptop than a tablet
  • No 5G option in the US
  • No charger in the box
  • Incredibly expensive

Here’s the detailed specifications of the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. Let’s have a close look to understand what’s exactly on offer. Here we go! 

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Specifications

Price: from $699

CPU: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

Display: 11-inch (2560 x 1600) 120Hz LCD display


Storage: 128GB/256GB

Ports: USB-C, microSD

Battery Life: 12:52 (tested)

Accessories: S Pen stylus included

Dimensions: 9.99 x 6.51 x 0.25 inches

Weight: 1.1 pounds 

In a nutshell, Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Review is quite positive and you can surely give it a shot. But the sky-high price-tag might force you to think otherwise, especially because it misses out on some key points despite charging such a hefty sum.