Samsung already has a comfortable spot in the foldable smartphone market but the Galaxy Z Fold 6 details emerging right now indicate that they’re trying to really solidify their presence here. The Samsung Z Fold 6 specs haven’t received too much time in the spotlight but the pricing plans have drawn considerable discussion. Rumors indicate that we’ll get two Fold smartphones from the company—one packed with features and one Budget Galaxy Z Fold 6 for those who want to experience the flipping and folding but don’t appreciate the current prices enough to make it happen. 

Budget Galaxy Z Fold 6

Image: Galaxy Z Fold 5

Taking Note of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Details

Word of the budget Galaxy Z Fold 6 has customers excited because existing fold phones focus on higher-budget wallets rather than the entire smartphone customer base. Instead of only developing an “Ultra” variant that would’ve been marginally better than the existing Z Fold 5, Samsung appears focused on the Galaxy Z Fold 6 details that will help them actually sell better. Korean page ETNews was one of the first sources to bring attention to the fact that there could be a cheaper Galaxy Z Fold 6 release in the works.

Samsung prefers to use the “FE” tag to release Fan Editions of their devices at more reasonable prices so the Fold might meet a similar fate. We could, as a result, see the Samsung Z Fold 6 specs compromised slightly to make the device more affordable. The cost-cutting could include changes to the storage, RAM, and screen quality, as well as the inclusion of older chipsets. Rumors indicate that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 S Pen compatibility might be one of the victims of the budget cut.

The Z Fold 5 is compatible with an S Pen but it does not ship with it considering there is no room for a storage slot on the device. However, with the upcoming device in mind, the compatibility with the pen could be eliminated entirely. Removing the digitizer that is necessary to track the Galaxy Z Fold 6 S Pen movement on the screen would be a way to bring down production costs. This could be disappointing for some, but if it’s enough to significantly bring down the budget, most users will not miss the exclusion of the pen. 

Samsung Z Fold 6 Specs

Image: Galaxy Z Fold5

Other Samsung Z Fold 6 Rumors You Might Care About

While the possible exclusion of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 S Pen is a little disheartening, there may be a lot to love about the phone. Sources like Forbes have added to the discussion on the color options we may see from the Samsung Z Fold 6. The Galaxy Z Fold 6 specs will come wrapped in dark blue, silver, and light pink. As is tradition, online editions of the Samsung phone could include additional colors. The report appears optimistic about a slot for the storage of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 S Pen but if this is true, it could likely feature in the more expensive, Ultra version of the two models that are set for release. We have also seen details on the Galaxy Z Flip 6, which could be available in yellow, silver, light green, and light blue. 

Leaks indicate the Ultra variant will have a 200MP ISOCELL HP2 main camera like the S24 Ultra, which would be a nice overlap between the two devices. Sam Mobile also guessed that the Ultra model could feature the Snapdragon8 Gen 3 processor, but will the budget Galaxy Z Fold 6 be able to afford the chipsets? Perhaps not. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 processor is set to be released in October so it’s unlikely that either edition of the Z Folds will capitalize on the new chipset. The Galaxy Z Fold 6 release date has been estimated to be set around July. 

Samsung Z Fold 6 Pricing

Despite all the talk about an affordable variant, we’re still in the dark about the Samsung Z Fold 6’s pricing. The Galaxy Z Fold 5 begins at $1,800 USD for the 256GB variant of the smartphone, while the 512GB device is available at $1,920 USD. The more expensive version could be priced approximately the same, but the Budget Galaxy Z Fold 6 will have a lot of work to do to be considered “affordable.” 

Most foldable phones feature in this high-price range, so any concessions Samsung is able to make will probably work in its favor. Still, those who just want a folding phone experience will settle for clamshell folds like the Motorola Razr 40 Plus, so Samsung can’t entirely compromise on quality and features to bring the price down. It’s a thin line to walk but we’re just a few months away from seeing how the Galaxy Z Fold 6 specs and details pan out.