Garmin is back with its unique set of wristwatches. Garmin watches are the best set of watches for sports enthusiasts who enjoy doing almost everything with their watches.

Garmin has finally introduced its next set of sports smart watches. Two new products were released this season. There are a lot of interesting features in this year’s set of watch releases.

Garmin has been a top tech company when it comes to smart watches. With the constant introduction of high-tech smart watches, many of which having unique features that help sports enthusiasts with their health and fitness tracking.

garmin smartwatches

The Garmin smartwatches are a favorite amongst athletes.

For this reason, many athletes look out every year for the release of Garmin’s smart watches. This year, we will be getting the Forerunner 255 and Solar charging 955 Garmin smart watches.

Garmin Availability and Release Date

The Forerunner 255 and Solar Charging 955 were released by the company on July 1. The Garmin smart watches are available for purchase on the official website. It can also be gotten from both online and physical stores like Amazon and FlipKart.


Certain features that are common for both the Forerunner 255 and the Solar Charging 955 Garmin smart watches are listed below. The watches are said to have a rugged chassis. They are GPS-enabled and support GLONASS and Galileo for accurate directions. They also offer various health and fitness tracking features, which are great for sports enthusiasts.

Forerunner 955

This Garmin smartwatch comes in two models. These two models include a smartwatch with a regular color display, and the other is a solar-charging watch with power glass. This means that the latter has a solar charging panel, which can be used to charge the watch. It also has buttons that can be used to navigate through the display when selecting options. Alternatively, users can use the screen to navigate through the options. The power glass is about 1.3 inches. The device also has 32GB of storage, which can be used to store music and other applications. Garmin also noted that the battery life of the smartwatch can last for up to 20 days when the GPS is not enabled. The device will also offer health tracking features like heart monitoring, sleep monitoring, and fitness tracking during training.

Forerunner 255

This device comes in four models. The models include, the Forerunner 255 Basic, the Forerunner 255S, the Forerunner 255 Music, and the Forerunner 255S Music. These Garmin watches all come with a 1.3-inch color display screen. And unlike the Solar-charging 955 smartwatch, they are operated with buttons and don’t have a touch screen. They also don’t contain a solar panel, and hence depend largely on the usual charging. However, they are noted to last for about 14 days when the GPS is not enabled. The Garmin 255 and 255 Music watches have a size of about 46mm while the 255S and 255S Music watches have a size of 41mm. It has an internal storage of about 4GB, which can be used to store music and applications. They also offer health tracking features like oxygen level monitoring, heart rate monitoring, and fitness tracking features during exercise.


As stated earlier, the Garmin watches are now available and can be purchased from the official website or any online store like Amazon or Croma. However, there are different prices for each watch model, and they are listed below.

  • The regular 955 smartwatch is currently going for a price of Rs. 53,490.
  • The Solar-Charging 955 smartwatch is currently going for a price of Rs. 63,490.
  • The 255 and 255S watches are currently going for a price of Rs. 37,490 each.
  • The 255 Music and 255S Music watches are currently going for a price of Rs. 47,990 each.


Garmin has introduced some high-performing wrist watches, which are one of the best options for sports enthusiasts and should be purchased immediately.