If you own an iPhone, you probably talk more to Siri than to your own family. This feature has made things really convenient for the iPhone user as it has solutions for almost every problem. Even if Siri doesn’t have an answer for your query, it will browse the internet to get you a solution. Looking at its popularity, other such virtual assistants also came up in the market such as Cortana and Google Assistant. Despite such competitors, Siri has its own individualistic appeal. Google Assistant is the virtual assistant available in gadgets that have an Android based software. Recently when the Play Store launched Google’s messaging app Allo, it was also equipped with this assistant. Now Google Inc. has decided to expand its reach for which this virtual assistant is now available on iPhones as well.

The VP of Engineering Assistant, Scott Huffman announced this news about Google Assistant being made available on all iPhones. It will differ from the Siri feature as it won’t be inbuilt with the phone. One can use this facility on downloading the Google Assistant app from the iOS store. This means that Siri can’t be replaced, but it will have a competitor in the form of an app. The only drawback of this app is that the assistant will not function as smoothly as it does on the Android phones. This also means that it is not that easily accessible due to the limitations of an app.

Will Google Assistant take over Siri?

There are numerous speculations that the availability of Google Assistant on the iOS store will break down the popularity of Siri to quite an extent. This can be possible only if the efficiency of both these virtual assistants is at par. This may be tricky for Apple and Google as they will have to conduct regular updates in order to maintain the efficiency. But for the user, it is a win-win situation as he will have two assistants to choose from. Along with this, due to the competition, both the companies will provide the best of their services which will be beneficial for the users after all. This gives iPhone an extra edge making it the first smartphone having a variety of virtual assistants to choose from.

In terms of the technical features, Google Assistant currently has the upper hand in comparison to Siri. It is more powerful as it has the ability to solve more complicated queries. The current version of Siri is unable to fulfill such demands. Also, as Google Assistant is connected to the web search giant, it can swiftly get answers from the internet. The best feature of the Google Assistant is that it lets the user control the connected devices as well. Siri lacks this particular feature. On the other hand, Siri might still be a preferable choice. This is because it is just a touch away and the user need not especially launch an app for it. Right now it is too soon to assume who will rule the iPhone. Only the users’ responses can determine that.