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Personalizing your phone according to convenience is perhaps the best thing! It is also a great way of making favorable apps outperform the others on the phone and better your app experience.

App Personalization is a process of developing a mobile app to meet the specific needs of a particular audience. It aims at presenting useful customized experiences to the people, rather than a broad, one size app for all users. The app space is growing day by day, with millions of apps in the market and almost a hundred in the user’s smartphone. Every user installs numerable apps on their phone but uses only around ten regularly. The rest are deleted or lying around in the phone- app personalization aims at bettering this experience.

Several apps can change and improve the use of the app like one can change the email app or the launcher for different experiences. Additionally, there are also specific customization/personalization apps that are best for use. we bring you the list of those apps below:

Personalization Apps for Phone’s Customized Look

Gboard or SwiftKey

These two are the best keyboard apps available today. They both feature great themes, attractive features, gesture typing, and many more. Gboard is a more straightforward app with mainstream features and SwiftKey, a power user-friendly app. If app personalization is your goal, these apps are a definite use.


The IFTTT app can be used to automate different tasks. This app works seamlessly between 600 different apps like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. IFTTT customizes the stuff that the phone does rather than changing the looks and themes. The app is entirely free, with no in-app purchases or ads.


KWGT is a custom widget app and lets the user create their personalized widgets. The app can make widgets for several things, like weather, calendar, clock, actionable buttons, RSS, music controls, and many more. This app is excellent for more profound levels of customization, and the user can create widgets that fit the wallpaper and theme as required.


This customization app is feasible to make the phone look like MIUI style device. The customization features can be applied to color customization, quick settings, icon packs, and many more. Users can also use customization tricks here and there to make the app more beautiful.

Give Your Phone A Customized Look With Personalized Apps

Navbar Apps

This is a fun customization app that changes the color, theme, and style of the navigation bar of the phone. The app has several goofy themes like Garfield, watermelons, and similar things. though the app can be used in the free version, a $1.99 in-app purchase unlocks all themes and features

Navigation Gestures

This is an innovative gesture navigation app using which the user can omit the navigation bar entirely and switch to a series of gestures and swipes on the screen. Each action of the app can be customized with various gestures. With this app, one can swipe in different directions from multiple sides with or without a hold. The premium version of the app gives support for notifications, quick settings, media controls, and screenshots, among others.


This is one of the unique customization apps and deals with the prompt of the screen that pops up whenever the user shares something. As the prompt features the apps list and the contacts, Sharedr helps in ordering the chaos. Users can customize the prompt to highlight only the apps that they want to use or remove unnecessary notifications and communication prompts. The app is free, with no ads or in-app purchases.


Tapet is a wallpaper app and one of the unique apps available. The app has several patterns that can be customized. Users can choose the colors and reload the wallpaper pattern according to their choice. Tapet works great for customization, as every wallpaper is configurable.


Zedge is one of the most potent customization apps. Though it has decent wallpapers for users to customize, the biggest draw of the app is its ringtones, notification tones, and alarm tones. Users can select from the pool of excellent sound effects as well as songs. Additionally, they can also upload their requirement or creation on Zedge’s website.