Being productive always is a skill to master, and these goal tracking apps will certainly help you to muster over the power and make the best of your talent and hard work for efficient results.

Having goals in life and being productive in fulfilling them is a good thing, though often we divert from the track. Twenty-four hours make a day, and for being productive and growing as a person, it is essential to manage the hours for maximal productivity. However, getting productive is never easy!

Top-Rated Goal Tracking Apps

We often get diverted from our track. As such, today, we bring certain goal tracking apps that will help you achieve your goals and achieve maximum productivity:

Strides Goal Tracking App

This is one of the most powerful and easy to use apps available today. With a secure setting and customization of the app, it will remind you regularly about the habits you want to cultivate and also help you to achieve those goals. All you need to do in Strides is to choose a goal (Strides also suggests goals; check them too), set the specific target, and mention the action that will transform the goal into a regular habit and reality.

The track-your-goals app helps the users to track their goals on a daily, weekly as well as every month. The data entered in the app is synced to the account, which means you can check the latest statistics from any device- be it from a mobile device, computer, or any other platform. You can see the updates and track on the dashboard at a glance too.

Way of Life Goal Tracking App

If getting data in a statistical presentation is your thing, then this app is apt for you. Pick a goal action, specify the details of the work on the app, and you’ll get a regular reminder on the goals and to keep records of what you have or haven’t achieved to meet those goals. With time and daily use, the app will also provide users with detailed statistics in bar charts, chains, and trend lines that feature the progress rate.

Goals on Track Goal Tracking App

This app has a beautiful web interface as well as a mobile app, and users can use any. Both platforms have the same defined features which aim at helping users build and stay committed to their goals base. The purposes are featured on the SMART goal setting framework (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely).

One of the distinctive features of the app is that it lets the users break down larger goals into smaller chunks so that people can take one by one part of achieving the goal and one at a time and ultimately realize that level of success in the target. The interface also has attractive animations and an offline tracking feature whereby you can connect without being connected to the net. There is also a journal in the Goals on Track app where users can note down their experiences as they work hard to achieve their objective.

Habitica Goal Tracking App

Setting targets and following them isn’t easy; it takes a lot of willpower and effort to achieve it. Many of us hate setting goals and going through the process of following them regularly, out willpower and strength to achieve them fails in the process. For those people, Habitica is the app! The goal tracker app takes this process and makes it entirely fun-filled. With Habitica, you can quickly build habits and stay productive with an approach that rarely fails; that is, achieving the goals through a game. To motivate you and keep you going in attaining the goals, Habitica offers rewards for users. The app also has a social network platform. You can also track and monitor habits, utilize the to-do list, and collaborate with other users to play exciting games through Habitica.

ATracker Goal Tracking App

This prime focus of the ATracker app is that it gives useful insights into how a person is spending or utilizing their time. When it comes to repetitive actions of the day, it helps users to manage time so that they don’t end up doing the wrong things! The goals app features the data on pie charts and helps you to utilize time better and much productively. One can also see a larger picture of things by viewing their activities on a weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis.