Google Inc. releases the Google Allo app, a smart messaging app for Android and iOS that gets a lot more done with chats. Google Allo helps make plans, find info and enable an individual to express more easily in a chat. Furthermore, regular usage improves the convenience over time.

Google Allo app is the company’s attempt to develop a smart messaging app that along with staying in touch by chats, one can plan and find info too. It is made-up to have your conversation going alongside providing assistance when necessary. Google Inc. is hoping Allo will develop into a platform, like many giant messaging apps have by now. It does offer some distinctive features that are vivid from the current most used ones.

Google Allo App As Whatsup

Here are the features of Google Allo App

Smart Reply Feature

Smart Reply is a feature that Google Inc. first debuted for Gmail inbox in November 2015. Basically Google Allo app time and again offers propositions for what to reply based on the context of the discussion. This gives up till three suggestions. Additionally Smart Reply tries to learn your protocol in conversations and offers responses for texts as well as for photos.

This feature in Allo gets very handy when it not just learns from which suggestions you tap, but also from what you type. Nevertheless, the personalization is restricted as of now as Google is sanitizing the frameworks behind the feature.

Emojis and Incognito Mode

Today messaging apps need to have an array of non-text options to become enduring. Previously, Google Inc. had teamed up with autonomous artists and studios globally to create 25 custom emoji packs. Google Allo app stands out by having you make emojis and text larger or smaller in size by simply dipping the send button up or down. Furthermore, one can write on photos before sending them, a feature very similar to Snapchat.

Google Allo app encrypts chats. Nonetheless, this is not by default. Instead, an individual has to opt to chat in Incognito mode. The Incognito mode has been a successive feature of Google Chrome. Conversations in Incognito mode have end-to-end encryption, cautious notifications and message termination. For added safety, the user can set how long messages will last.

However, similar to Incognito usage in Chrome, one needs to start a new Incognito chat to use these benefits. Nevertheless, dissimilar to Chrome, shutting the chat does not make one lose it. The chat stays until the user overtly deletes it. Yet, it’s still there for whomever the user was chatting to.

Google Assistant

Google Allo app is the primary place where the recent Google Assistant is available. Nevertheless, it will be the first time where one will be able to have conversation with Google. This appears to be chatting with Google Search and Google Now at the same time. On questioning the Assistant, it tries hard to help the user directly in the chat window. Furthermore, there are two ways to prompt Google Assistant. One is directly on launching the Google Allo app. The other one is to bring it into any conversation by simply typing @google ahead of the message. Google Inc. suggests using Google Assistant to make plans with friends, get information or just plainly have some fun.

With so many distinctive features to offer, the future beholds the success of the Google Allo app in the smart-messaging industry.