Voice assistants are the most appealing piece of technology these days. This is because one can literally command the device with the help of this technology. It is appealing to finally have an object which listens to you and does as you say. You don’t even need to touch the device. Just wake up the voice assistant and it will do the job for you. This is the major reason behind the growing popularity of this technology. Google decided to enhance this technology and make things smoother for its users. Through this advancement, one can broadcast messages through the Google Assistant on his smart home appliances.

Somewhere around last month, the tech giant made an official announcement stating that its users could now broadcast messages through its Google Home devices with the help of its voice assistant. Now the time has finally arrived when one can use this technology. In order to make this happen, Google is rolling out updates which make will broadcast messages easier. With the help of this update, one can use the Google Home devices as an intercom system. All one needs to do is connect all such devices through a common Google account and the work is done.

Google Assistant

One can broadcast messages through the Google Assistant on his smart home appliances.

Google Assistant is the new intercom system

One can use this feature on any of its AI-powered devices, be it a home appliance or a smartphone. Another highlight of this update is that these devices need not be in the vicinity of the same Wi-Fi connection. This means that one can send a message remotely and make sure that it is delivered to all the other devices. Through this, one can send a message at the same time to his home as well as his workplace depending on where he has placed the Google Home devices.

On awakening the Google Assistant, you can ask it to send custom messages or pick one from the automated messages available in the software. Tuesday onwards, all the users will be able to use this update. Users belonging to the countries of Australia, U.S., Canada, and the U.K. can make the most of this feature. This means that the next time you are stuck in traffic or have been in an accident, you can inform your family so that they can come to your rescue. It seems that artificial intelligence has much more in store for us than we can possibly imagine.